May 16, 2022
ios 15 top new features
we are just about a month away from seeing ios 15 released to the public and after running the beta versions over the past couple of months I wanted to share some of my favorite features and changes that actually stand out to me so far

what’s up guys my name is Akash and we are just about a month away from seeing ios 15 released to the public

and after running the beta versions over the past couple of months I wanted to share some of my favorite features

and changes that actually stand out to me so far now I will, of course,

have more post covering all of the new features

and changes and all the hidden features once ios 15 officially releases

but these are just a selection of some of my favorites so far and some of these you might not even know about.

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so let’s go ahead and dig right in

1.Background sound in iphone

background sound in ios 15

so the first one is a features that I originally said was going to be one of the more underrated features in ios 15

and it’s looking like that’s going to be the case because not many people are talking about background sounds.

so if we go into our settings and then go down to accessibility audiovisual

background sound in iphone new ios 15

and then background sounds we have this new feature here in ios 15.

you can see it says plays background sounds to mask unwanted environmental noise.

these sounds can minimize distractions that help you focus calm

or rest and that’s actually done all three for me so far.

so over the past couple of months, I’ve used background sounds to go to sleep to focus,

while working on multiple things and it actually works really well.

so I used to have an app that would do this

I would like to know sometimes people would pay for apps to do this but

now apple is eliminating the need for another application or the need to spend money.

you can change the volume right here and we also have this new feature down here

that says stop sounds when locked and it says when enabled background sounds will stop when iPhone is locked.

so that is a nice one to have there as well.

the cool thing about this is you can access this from the control center as well

, so if you go down here and go to the little ear right here, the hearing.

if you go ahead and have to press on that you have background sounds

right there and you have a little toggle right here to turn it on and off.

we can also change the volume so this has been a huge help

for me going to sleep at this time

you know when it’s time to focus.

I can use this I love that this is built into ios 15

I feel like it’s going to be one of the more overlooked features when it officially releases


the next feature is going to be kind of a hidden feature

I guess you could say because apple didn’t really talk about it.

if we go in the haptic press on the home screen right here

then tap to go to our pages we can actually reorganize the pages now which I love

because this was an issue I had on like ios 13

I believe is when I really had a ton of pages.

it would just get overwhelming to go through all those pages

haptic press in ios 15

sometimes I would want certain apps to be closer to my front screen.

so now in ios 15, you’re able to change the order of the pages from right here.

I can also hide the pages of course with that you can also delete an entire page.

In ios 15 but my favorite thing is the ability to re-arrange these

so you can see how my front page is this which is originally my second page

so I just like the flexibility there and the customizability with this feature

3.Live tracking improved in ios 15

another one of my favorite features so far is live tracking in the find my application

so if you go into find me and you’re sharing your location with somebody

you can actually see where they’re moving in real-time now.

live tracking mode improves in iphone

so you no longer have to wait for the 30 seconds or

the minute for it to refresh it now actually shows where these people are going

and whoever you’re tracking where they’re going in real-time.

so if they’re walking or if they’re driving you’ll be able to see

their little dots moving on the map which I like and while we’re inside of the find my application.

live tracking in iphone

4. Notify when left behind

I also wanted to talk about one of the most useful features in ios 15 overall

and which is notified when left behind.

so this is a new feature that will basically allow your device to notify

you when you leave one of your apple products behind.

notify when left behind new feature in ios 15

so for example if you have an air tag connected to your keys

and you sit down in a restaurant and then you leave and

you forget your keys your iPhone will notify

now on ios 15 if you left that behind or if you sat your AirPods down in a library

find my apple  gadgets in ios 15

you went out to leave your iPhone would now notify you when you leave those items behind which is
excellent and while we’re on the subject of tracking things.


I also wanted to talk about the maps application overall here in ios 15

because it is tremendous and this really had to grow on me.

it took me about you know a month and a half for me to really appreciate

how much detail went into the maps application

so not only are things just better looking visually and there’s a lot more detail

but also with the navigation, it is so much better here in ios 15.

so you can see you actually have multiple different new features here

but one of my favorites is the ability to change when you leave

and you can also go ahead and do navigation by arriving by

for example, if you wanted to arrive by a certain time

it will tell you what time you need to leave

there are old-fashioned ways of doing that as well

but I really like this is built in here and you could also do the leave at.

so you could say you know if you leave at you know

and put it two hours ahead it will show you the time the eta

and things like that and it will also guess the traffic as well

I like also how you can report incidents on the road so,

for example, you can go and report an incident right here

you can report a crash a hazard, or a speed check so like

if there’s a cop ahead you can report all those nowhere in ios 15

just like Waze and also the ability to add a stop is huge

because that’s something I always would use Waze for in the past.

5. Alarms animation

now I don’t know about you guys but I use my alarm every

single day to wake up and one of my favorite features in ios 15 is a really small one.

it’s really not a feature it’s a change but now to edit an alarm

you no longer have to press on edit and then go into the alarm.

alarm changes in iphone ios 154

you can actually just go ahead and tap on the alarm

straight from here and it takes you straight into the alarm

where you can edit your alarm and you’ll also notice that

the old scroll wheel is back it’s no longer you know where you had that little tiny space.

you could see the difference there I mean it just looks so much better so much easier,

of course, you could type it in some people preferred that

difference between ios 14 and ios 15 alarm app

I like the scroll wheel I think that makes it easier to see your time

just gives you more space to work with so I really like that so much better here in ios 15.

6. Screenshots are Better

another change in ios 15 that’s very small but it stands out to me

because I take a lot of screenshots is when we actually go to mark up a screenshot,

so now when you take a screenshot you can see that you

no longer have markup just activated by default because in the past in ios 14

when I would take a screenshot and i would go to try to minimize my picture crop my picture right here

I would always accidentally put a mark in there from the marker because markup was already activated

but now you actually have to tap on markup to activate it now you can accidentally make those streaks.

whereas in ios 14 I did it all the time when I was just trying to grab this little grabber right here to crop the image.

so really small detail but definitely something that I appreciate here

in ios 15 since I take screenshots pretty much every day.

7. Weather & Alerts

another application that really stands out to me in ios 15 is the weather application.

this of course has been completely redesigned here in ios 15.

it just not only looks so much better but we also have some really nice animations.

so you can see right there the animation of the sun if we go somewhere else

you can see the sun’s kind of over here but if it’s raining somewhere you can see we have

the rain animation right there so that’s all nice we also have the maps down here

for the temperature and also for precipitation

you could change it right here so we do precipitation of course there’s not going to be any in vegas right now

i guess there is a little bit but you can see you could change it right there

so we never had a radar before and the weather

so that’s really nice to have we also have these boxes nowhere

it’s just easier to read the weather and then also we have a notification.

so weather notifications which is huge because now you get alerts when rain is expected to start in your area or if you’re in snow.

it’s going to tell you when snow is coming things like that it’s reall

y nice and you can get to that by tapping on these three lines in the bottom right

then going to the three dots up in the top right and going to notifications right here

and you can go ahead and turn on the notifications for your specific location or for other areas

if you wish to and I found the notifications to be pretty accurate and that’s probably because Apple now owns

dark sky who has always been my favorite weather application they’ve been really accurate usually with their predictions of rain.

8. Music QOL Change

another one of my favorite features in ios 15 is a very small but nice quality of life change

and that is inside of a playlist and music

remove playlist from iphone

if you go in the haptic press now on a song you have

the option to remove it from playlists so before in ios 14

you had to either swipe over and then delete it like that

or you had to press on these three dots to go to edit.

then remove it from the playlist right there which is kind of annoying

and this is just a lot quicker to do now in ios 15.

9. Safari browser

now we cannot make a post on ios 15 without mentioning safari

safari I’ll be honest it took me at least a month to get used to but now I love it and I actually think it’s so much better than ios 14 for multiple different reasons.

so number one is going to be just the way to switch between tabs is so much easier and more convenient now.

and we also have a tab group so we tap and hold on to this you can see we have these different tab groups

different tab groups in ios

and you can see here I’ve one for investing one for reading so you can just basically save tabs as groups and access them.

whenever you want to which is pretty nice and I just love the look of it

overall the look of safari is so much better in my opinion.

I also love how you can just swipe down to refresh on a web page

we do also have the little mini refresh bar or the refresh button down and the address bar down here as well

best featuresdof ios 15

but we also have some nice additions to safari and ios 15 that really just makes it that much better so we go to our settings and then into safari and then to extensions and you can see right here we have an extension

so, for example, I have this one right here which is kabloc

it’s a content blocker and you can also tap on more extensions right here.

it will take you to a subsection in the app store where you can download

different extensions for safari which is awesome.

so you can see we have content blockers right there protect your data with Malwarebytes roadblock

things like that it’s still you know work in progress there’s not a ton of extensions

but it’s really cool that you can have safari extensions on mobile

now whereas it used to just be on the desktop.

then also back in those settings if we go back over here

we also have to hide the IP address which is a new feature

that I really like in ios 15 so you can hide your IP address from trackers and websites or from trackers only

10. FaceTime

the new facetime application so facetime has been completely

redone here in this new version and this is going to be one of the things that everybody notices

facetime changes in ios new version

so I won’t spend a ton of time on this but just the overall bar up here

the menu bar up top is nice of course we have share play as well you can share your screen with somebody else

you can watch movies and tv shows with them but just overall facetime is so much better in ios 15.

new facetime feature in ios new version

just the look of it we also have the ability to you know face time with android devices

which is nice and just a lot of great quality of life and just really

aesthetic changes to the facetime application in ios 15.

so definitely one of my standouts so far,

11. Focus Modes

another feature that’s going to be a fan favorite is going to be focus mode

focus modes on ios new version

so this is what you access inside of the control center to basically

just allow only certain people in certain applications to notify you.

when you’re in that certain mode so I’m not gonna lie for the

first like three or four weeks I did not really care for this feature.

i didn’t really see I mean I found the use for it I saw how it’s going to be useful

but I didn’t really use it enough to really grasp how important this feature is.

focus modes in iphone

but focus modes is extremely important I use it every single day multiple times a day.

I actually use it for what I set it up for like recording a video shooting

when I’m driving when I’m sleeping things like that.

so for example, if i go into my work one right here you can also have the settings right here

you can get to this from settings as well so let me go and show you how to do that.

how to set focus mode in iphone

inside of our settings if we go down to focus right here you

can see you have all the different focus modes right here.

you could create a new one as well if you want to and name it whatever you want

focus mode in apple iphone

but you have the option to only allow certain applications and

certain people to notify you while that focus mode is turned on.

so i love this feature use it all the time one of my favorite things about this

as well is the fact that other people can see when you’re in this focus mode.

share what you are doing in focus mode to specific person

so if you’re with somebody on ios 15 they’ll be able to see

when you’re in one of these focus modes and you’ll also be able to see when they’re in a focus mode

so you know not to bother them or you won’t be you know worried why they did not reply to you.

if you don’t like sharing your focus status you can actually disable that for certain people

so if you go into your message thread with the person you don’t want to share that with

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disable focus status for certain people

if you tap on the name up top you have this right here share focus status

so you don’t have to share when you’re in a focus mode with specific people.

if you don’t want to oh and i almost forgot that on the lock screen

you also have a little icon right here to indicate that you are in a focus mode

focus mode icon on the lockscreen

so it shows the icon right there which of course you could change in settings and

if you tap on that you can also disable it right there or change it to a different focus mode.

also in your notification center it will show you the notifications you got

while you were in that specific focus mode so these are the notifications that you missed

separate notification filter for focus modes

because you were in that mode and it will show them in one

little drop down right here which is very convenient.

12. Live Text

another one of my favorite features in ios 15 so far and there are really two features

so i’m going to group them into one and that is live text and visual lookup

live text is a great feature in ios 15 that allows you to basically

see text live so it’s hard to explain but let me just show you an example

live text example

because you could see when I hold the text in front of the screen right here

i have this little icon that pops up

and if i tap on that it’ll actually pull up the text right there from that image

live text on iphone new ios version

i didn’t even take an image but from the image right there and I can copy it

we can select certain parts of it and we could also translate it or we could share it right there

13.Visual lookup

now also we have a feature called visual lookup which will allow you to identify breeds

of like dogs cats plants flowers whatever so i have a picture of a cat right here my cats

visual lookup updated in iphone new ios

if we go ahead and swipe up right here you can see we have this

that says look up and cat we have a little paw print on his head.

so you can tap on that paw print on the actual image or you can tap on where

it says lookup cats and it will show you, it

will identify whatever it is you’re trying to see so for instance

it says tabby cat which is correct that’s what

that is but I found that this is also great for identifying dogs

if you like saw a dog and you’re out on like a walk or

a bike ride you saw a dog and you snapped a picture of it

your phone might be able to identify exactly what breed that

dog is which is really neat definitely going to be one of the more standout features in ios 15

that people are going to talk about but that doesn’t take away from

it being one of my favorite features so far

14. Wallet

the final feature in ios 15 that I’ve been loving so far is the ability to see your card

information from the wallet application by simply tapping on this little card icon right there up in the top right.

see your wallet information on apple iphone new ios version

so I have to do is tap on that right there it will scan your face and

you can see your card number your expiration all of that right there in your security code.

wallet feature in iphone

so that’s nice because before you had to kind of dig into the settings to see that

but it just makes it a little bit easier and i feel like ios 15 is really

just making it a point to make things easier throughout ios.
so really not a ton of show-stopping features besides of course

like the big changes inside of facetime and live text and things like that

thankyou for reading my article

a lot of these features are really just quality of life features that just make your life

a lot easier which I really respect apple for doing so yeah guy

there you have it those are about 15 of my favorite features

and changes in ios 15 so far I will have another post in about a month or two

showing my updated favorite features in ios 15 once it gets released to the general public

but this is just where I stand right now after going through five beta stages so after publishing this post

it has me wondering what is your favorite feature in ios 15 so far but don’t just say anything obviously

tell me a feature that’s not like one of the headlining features that you’ve really been enjoying so far

and also as usual if you like this post i would appreciate

if you share it with your friends and of course

make sure you guys subscribe for a ton more ios 15 content coming very soon

but anyways guys thanks again for reading and I’ll see you soon.

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