July 2, 2022
we are back it is a brand new episode of the top 9 best apps you don't know or heard about but they are definitely worth it.

we are back it is a brand new episode of the top best android app you’ve never heard of. so you know there’s times where you’re in the car and you think of a song you’d like to listen to but you can’t quite put your finger on what the name of the song was well hands-free music is the answer to this app allows you to search across every single song on the youtube platform via lyrics you just tap the microphone say as many of the lyrics as you know and it will instantly play the most relevant song so now you can enjoy that very song whilst being hands-free at the same time and just like that

here are the 9 best apps you’ve never heard of

1. LifeAr

let’s begin all right lifeAr is an

augmented reality based application

that makes use of the technology in a

really unique and practical way

so as long as the app is installed on

both your phone and the phone of someone

else that you know

you can then connect via video chats but

it’s not just a plain old video call

you can in real time insert pointers or sketch

marks or even notes to essentially

level up your communication there are a heap of ways

this could be really useful so you

should definitely try it out.

The 9 Best Apps you've never heard of
LifeAr App
The 9 Best Apps you've never heard of


i’ve got to say it’s been a while since

i’ve featured a new note taking application

but notesnook seems really promising

now there are three

key features that have to be built into

a note taking out before i consider

making the switch ease of use a clean

and fresh design

and online syncing support and notes

nook offers every single one of these features

and then a bunch of extra goodies as

well but the design of the app itself

is the talking point for me it looks

really nice and makes writing and

formatting notes and ideas

a beautiful experience and you can even

embed pictures

and videos into your notes which i can

see as being really useful.

The 9 Best Apps you've never heard of
NotesNook App
The 9 Best Apps you've never heard of
NotesBook app

3.Darkinator App

darkinator is a really simple application

that essentially offers just one feature

but it’s a really handy one at that so

without needing to grant it any permissions

darkinator will simply change your

phone’s wallpaper depending on what your

phone’s system theme is set to

now i have featured similar apps in the

past like auto dark or

automatic dark theme but both of those

require to grant permissions

via adb and with darkenator you can use

your phone’s native theme scheduling

or even just the quick settings toggle

which i really appreciate.

The 9 Best App you've never heard of
Darkinator App
The 9 Best App you've never heard of
Enable Dark Theme

4.Trial sense Compaas App

trail sense is put simply a compass application but to define it

as just that really doesn’t do it justice now that

said as just a compass app it performs

this function really well and looks nice at the same

time it’ll let you know how accurate the compass reading is and

show you how to calibrate it

if need be but then on top of that the

apps also has a bunch of additional features

that are super impressive so there’s an

astronomy tab which will show you details

regarding the sun and moon rise and set

times there’s also a backtrack feature which records

waypoints and then helps you to later retrace your steps

if need be and then there’s also this huge

list of additional tools far too many to

cover in this short post

but that will essentially transform your

phone into a navigator’s best friend

like i said super impressive stuff.

trial sense
Trial Sense App
trial sense
Trial Sense app Picture


alright we’ve all been there you’re

working away on your computer you

realize you need a file that’s stored on your phone

so you get out the cable plug it in

switch it over to usb file transfer mode

open android file transfer quit and

reopen it again when it doesn’t work the first time

disconnect and reconnect your phone and

on and on it goes until somehow

you’re finally able to find the file

well thanks to snapdrop

that is officially a process of

yesteryear now i featured a number of

apps on the channel in the past that are

designed to make file transferring between pcs

and android phones more seamless

but honestly none have been quite as easy to use

as snapdrop is you simply download the

apps then navigate to snapdrop.net on your computer

and any devices in the near vicinity

will recognize each other instantly

then on either device you select a file

and boom it opens up

on the other device no accounts

necessary no third-party extensions

just plain and simple easy to use.

Snapdrop App
snapdrop file transfer application
Snapdrop App

6.Meteor App

okay up until this point

speed test by auckla has been the go-to

for testing your internet speeds but

just recently i stumbled upon another

promising option called

meteor the functionality is very much the

same but it’s the look

and design of this apps that make it

worth checking out there’s some cool

animations a bunch of nice icons on show as well

but more than that it gets the job done.

The 9 Best Apps you've never heard of
Meteor SpeedTest App
Meteor App

7.Ripple Elite

ripple elite is a really nice wallpaper application

filled with an abundance of custom-made abstract backdrops

and i’ve got to say the diversity of the

backdrops featured within this app

is really impressive whether you’re

looking for minimal gradients or

backdrops with vectors in the middle or

even more outlandish and vibrant wallpapers

this app has got you covered the app

gets updated with new wallpapers every week so

it’s definitely worth a share.

ripple elite wallpaper app
Ripple Elite App
ripple elite wallpaper app
Ripple Elite App

8.Split Screen Launcher

it feels like a long time ago when android first introduced

split screen multitasking but if i’m being honest i very rarely

use the feature but the aptly named split screen

launcher is an application that makes it

much more efficient to make use of split screen multitasking

now to be fair there were a few

similar apps that did this same thing a

few years ago but most of them don’t work today split

screen launcher does if you’re unfamiliar with it you

use the app to create a shortcut to

launch two apps directly into split screen mode

even though the app hasn’t been updated

in nearly two years it still works pretty much

flawlessly and i can see it being

super useful for a number of you.

split screen launcher app
Split Screen Launcher App
splitscreen launcher app
SplitScreen Launcher app image

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so finally today we have concepts a powerful sketch pad

application that i’ve got to say is really nice to

use the app features pencils

pens and brushes that feel surprisingly accurate to use

because according to the developers

they’ve been designed to respond to not only pressure

but also tilt and velocity you can also select from a bunch

of different canvas types like crumple

to paper or blueprint

and then you can also use grids have a

bunch of separate layers if you want

and everything is vector based as well

meaning you can adjust the sizing of

whatever you’ve drawn

infinitely without losing any quality

it’s really one of the best

sketchpad applications i’ve ever used

and most of the core features are free

so it’s definitely worth trying out and that’s it.

concepts application
Concept App
concepts app inside image
Concepts App Image

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