May 16, 2022

hi everyone Samsung has finally unveiled the galaxy a22 its price hasn’t been confirmed yet but a22’s cost is estimated to slot uh somewhere in between the galaxy m12 and the galaxy m32.

My guess is that it will cost around 14000 Indian rupees for the base 4/64 GB variant here the galaxy a22 shares a lot of similarities with the more expensive galaxy m32.

Samsung has made subtle changes to differentiate this one from the company’s m series of smartphones.

I have been using the galaxy a22 for a couple of hours now and the first distinction that you will notice between the m32.

and the a22 is in the design front while galaxy’s m series of smartphones usually have this boring look Samsung puts a little more effort into its relatively premium series devices here too.


Samsung Galaxy A22(Samsung Galaxy’s new launch phone): LOoks and Design

The galaxy a22(Samsung Galaxy’s new launch phone) is reminiscent of the more expensive galaxy a52 and the a72.

and personally, I love this design and the color options on a budget phone the camera module here is also more refined and modern looking. while also maintaining a better hands-on feel as well galaxy a22 is relatively light with a smaller 5000mah battery.

whereas the m32 brings a bigger 6000mah cell. likewise, a22 also features a side-mounted fingerprint sensor and as expected it performs like a champ.

just above it is the volume rockers the left side stays mostly clean except for the dual sim plus micro sd tray down. below you get a single speaker setup a headphone jack. the USB c charging port okay on top of the design.

the biggest difference between the two phones lies in the display side of things disappointingly the galaxy a22(Samsung Galaxy’s new launch phone) features an HD screen in contrast to the full HD display on the m32.

although this difference in resolution is not that evident under regular usage upon a closer inspection, I did notice that texts appear sharper on the galaxy m32.

The panel type is still super AMOLED so colors and contrast look equally good on both ones. Samsung has retained the 90-hertz refresh rate for a smoother scrolling experience on a cheaper device like this one.

as far as my experience goes Samsung seems to have optimized it quite well but, as with most budget phones, you get this jitter while scrolling through the google discover feed. anyway,

the display is white wine l1 certified too so you will be able to stream Netflix and amazon prime content in HD resolution overall.

even though the galaxy a22(Samsung Galaxy’s new launch phone) has a passable display for everyday usage.

I think Samsung has unnecessarily cut corners in terms of the screen’s brightness. as full HD resolution should have been the obvious choice here.

and oh I almost forgot about the u-shaped notch approach. which looks a little outdated on both the galaxy m32 and the a22 so if you’re someone who’s coming from a phone with a punch-hole implementation this notch will definitely feel out of style.

Samsung Galaxy A22(Samsung Galaxy’s new launch phone): Performance

Okay over to the performance department you get MediaTek’s helio g80 chipset. here just like on the galaxy m32 now.

because the a22(Samsung Galaxy’s new launch phone) is expected to launch at a comparatively cheaper price.

this chipset somehow makes sense on this phone normal usage has not been a problem so far. and games like pubg mobile run considerably smoothly at 40 fps under smooth graphics and ultra frame rates.

performnce of samsung galaxy a22(Samsung Galaxy’s new launch phone): My view

Still, Samsung could have given something like the helio g95 or the snapdragon 678 for even better performance.

having said that I guess the use of the helio g80 chipset over and over by Samsung on its mid-range devices also has a lot to do with. the ongoing global chipset shortage.

now I know that the chipset shortage has hit other brands too. but unlike other companies, Samsung launches its products globally.

like on a large scale meaning that the galaxy a22(Samsung Galaxy’s new launch phone) will launch in relatively more markets than say Xiaomi or realme whose products don’t enjoy such worldwide releases.

but excuses aside performance has never been Samsung’s strongest suit in the budget and mid-range segment. and I guess that is not the kind of audience the company starts getting with this phone, to begin with I can say that because even with my limited time with this phone.


Samsung Galaxy A22(Samsung Galaxy’s new launch phone) :camera

I have been impressed with its camera spec-wise you get a 48-megapixel primary sensor and an 8-megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens followed by two 2 megapixel depth and macro cameras.

additionally, the galaxy a22(Samsung Galaxy’s new launch phone) also features ois which isn’t present on the galaxy m32.

I did manage to go around and take a few pictures and found the a22 doing a better job than the m32 in terms of color optimization here the m32 produces saturated output.

M32 vs A22

while the A22(Samsung Galaxy’s new launch phone) tones it down making the images look more pleasing. similarly, with galaxy A22

, I noticed no focus issues while the m32 did struggle to lock focus in some instances in terms of portraits too. as evident from these photos, the a22 produces better skin tone.

and manages to process dark areas better than the galaxy m32 same goes with the selfies where the a22 has slightly better processing capabilities.

In low lighting

during low lighting conditions as well the galaxy a22(Samsung Galaxy’s new launch phone) manages to stand out ever so slightly with its bit better details and sharpness.

all thanks to the ois similarly you get better video capabilities on the a22(Samsung Galaxy’s new launch phone) as well with stabilized and AT 30 fps videos from both the front and back cameras,

however, do note that just like the galaxy m32 videos here are capped out at 1080p 30fps and you cannot shoot videos in 4k resolution or 60 fps mode this basically is due to the limitation of helio g80 rather than the camera sensor itself.

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Samsung Galaxy A22(Samsung Galaxy’s new launch phone): interface(UI)

okay besides the good camera capabilities Samsung’s one UI is another show-stealer. this phone runs on one UI core version 3.1 and feels quite well optimized.

however, I do wish that Samsung had opted for us 2.1 or 2.2 storage protocol over the aging EMC standard which has slower read and write speeds,

and because of that apps open slower, and installing them takes a bit of time all right now.


Samsung Galaxy A22(Samsung Galaxy’s new launch phone): battery

let’s finally talk about the battery as I mentioned earlier in order to maintain a slimmer form factor. Samsung has trimmed the battery size to 5000 milliamp-hour here while most of its m series of smartphones enjoy a larger 6000mah battery.

Still you can enjoy good if not great battery endurance from the galaxy a22(Samsung Galaxy’s new launch phone). yet the phone only supports 15 watts charging, unlike the galaxy m32 that supports 25 watts fast charging too.

Samsung Galaxy A22(Samsung Galaxy’s new launch phone): Conclusion

in conclusion, I think with the galaxy a22 and the galaxy m32 Samsung is providing different choices to its customers.

what I mean by that is while both of these phones yield similar performance one has better looks and os enabled cameras.

while the other hosts a better screen and battery endurance but given the cheaper price of the galaxy a22(Samsung Galaxy’s new launch phone).

I believe it’s a better value than the galaxy m32 considering that the only downside here is its HD screen which isn’t that bad.

given the fact that it’s a Samsung-made AMOLED panel so that was all for our initial impressions of the Samsung galaxy a22(Samsung Galaxy’s new launch phone),

we will soon come out with the full reviews of the a22 as well as the galaxy m32.

so stay tuned for that till then I’m akash verma and thank you so much for reading.

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