May 16, 2022
samsung galaxy s22 specs price release date

With a week until the February 9th Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2022, the clock is ticking down to the arrival of the Samsung Galaxy S22. So expect plenty of rumors about Samsung’s next major phone release between now and then.

But, thanks to everything that’s leaked so far, we already have a pretty good idea of what Samsung has in store for its flagship phone lineup. Because of all of those leaks, we’re going into the February 9 product launch with a lot of information about the Galaxy S22, Galaxy S22 Plus, and Galaxy S22 Ultra already in hand.

One of the most intriguing rumors is that the Galaxy S22 Ultra will be the Galaxy Note’s successor.

That means we could see an integrated S Pen along with a wider display and squared-off design.

Camera upgrades, a new chipset, a refined design, and other features are expected across the Galaxy S22 line. (Our comparison of the Galaxy S22 vs. Galaxy S22 Plus goes into greater detail about how the two models should differ.) Such enhancements will be greatly appreciated. While our Samsung Galaxy S21 review was generally positive, customers did not appear to be overly enthusiastic about Samsung’s three flagship phones.

Notably, additional camera performance refinement would be good, as the iPhone 13 series outperforms the Galaxy S21 in some instances. The Galaxy S22 will also face competition from the low-cost Samsung Galaxy S21 FE and the Google Pixel 6 with its Tensor chip. (To see how the phones compare, check out our Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra vs. Google Pixel 6 Pro comparison.)

Here are all of the speculations around the Samsung Galaxy S22, as well as our expectations for this series. We’ve also put together a guide to what to anticipate from Samsung in 2022, because the S22 is only one of several new devices coming from the Korean manufacturer in the next 12 months.

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Samsung Galaxy S22 specs (rumored)

Galaxy S22Galaxy S22 PlusGalaxy S22 Ultra
Display6.06-inch AMOLED, FHD6.5-inch AMOLED, FHD6.8-inch AMOLED, QHD
Refresh rate120Hz adaptive120Hz adaptive120Hz adaptive
Rear cameras50MP main, 12MP ultrawide, 10MP 3x optical telephoto50MP main, 12MP ultrawide, 10MP 3x optical telephoto108MP main, 12MP ultrawide, 10MP 3x optical telephoto, 10MP 10x optical telephoto
Front camera10MP10MP40MP
ChipsetSnapdragon 8 Gen 1/ Exynos 2200Snapdragon 8 Gen 1/ Exynos 2200Snapdragon 8 Gen 1/ Exynos 2200
Battery3,800 mAh4,600 mAh5,000 mAh
ColorsBlack, white, green, pink goldBlack, white, green, pink goldBlack, white, green, red

Galaxy s22 release date rumor

The Galaxy S22 will most likely be unveiled on February 9, however, its sale date may be delayed.

Samsung usually releases its S-series phones in March, but in 2021, it defied convention by releasing the S21 range in January. Although Samsung generally updates its devices every 12 months, the company has stated that an Unpacked event will take place on February 9, where the Galaxy S22 is expected to be introduced.

The date corresponds to an earlier report from leaker Ice Universe, which stated that the Galaxy S22 would be announced on that day. Prior to Samsung’s unveiling, well-known leaker Evan Blass leaked promotional material for the event. According to DDaily, the Galaxy S22 will be available for preorder on that day and in the following weeks.

Dohyun Kim, a leaker, thinks that the Galaxy S22 Ultra would take some time to arrive. The source stated in a January tweet that deliveries for the high-end variant of Samsung’s forthcoming phone series may take up to three months. Front Page Tech’s Jon Prosser believes the phone line’s availability has also been delayed. According to Prosser, the Galaxy S22 Ultra will not be available until February 25, and the Galaxy S22 and S22 Plus will not be available until March 11.

Samsung could offer somewhat lower display sizes for the Galaxy S22 range, with a smaller screen and battery than its predecessor.

 The Galaxy S22 could have a 6.01-inch screen, the Galaxy S22 Plus could have a 6.55-inch screen, and the Galaxy S22 Ultra could have a 6.81-inch screen, according to Twitter leaker FrontTron. The Galaxy S21 series, by comparison, offers 6.2-, 6.7-, and 6.8-inch displays. This claim was confirmed by a late-January leak from German site WinFuture, while leaked pictures from Blass suggest the Galaxy S22 and S22 Plus will be slightly larger, with 6.1- and 6.6-inch displays, respectively.

The Galaxy S22 lineup’s batteries may also be smaller. According to FrontTron, the S22 and S22 Plus will have 3,800- and 4,000-mAh batteries, respectively. Meanwhile, WinFuture predicts that they will be 3,700 and 4,500 mAh. According to both, the Galaxy S22 Ultra would keep its 5,000-mAh battery.


samsung galaxy s22 specs price release date rumors
source: Samsung

According to one report, the general appearance of the Samsung Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22 Plus will be fairly similar to the existing range, so don’t anticipate any cosmetic changes – except for the Galaxy S22 Ultra, which may be drastically different.

The Galaxy S22 Ultra is shown next to the Galaxy S22 or Galaxy S22 Plus in a leaked press shot of the future phones. It’s our finest look at the next handsets, and it’s embedded below.

This strongly hints that the Galaxy S22 Ultra (the phone in red) will have a more Note-like design with square corners, an S Pen, and four back cameras. The S22 or S22 Plus appears to be available in white, with a similar design to the Galaxy S21 with rounded edges and it has three cameras on the rear.

Someone has even gone hands-on with the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, publishing their views on Reddit and claiming that it looks and feels like a thinner, lighter version of the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.

Thanks to case vendor Mobile Fun, the whole Galaxy S22 lineup has also been found in the guise of fake devices. The images below indicate what we may expect from the design of each of the handsets.

We’ve also seen further unauthorized renderings of all three handsets, this time from a credible source, which reveal that the S22 and S22 Plus will likely remain with the traditional design of their predecessors, while the S22 Ultra will opt for something a little different. We’ve also seen a leaked backplate.

Some images also suggest that these phones will be known as the Samsung Galaxy S22, Samsung Galaxy S22 Pro, and Samsung Galaxy Note 22 Ultra. So far, the S22 Ultra has been rumored to be the replacement for the Note 22, and if these leaks are correct, that will be the case. Another source says the largest phone will be dubbed the S22 Note, while most leaks still refer to the S22 Ultra.

Leaked images have also surfaced since then. These are shown below and only reveal the rear, but specifics include a new glossy finish for the S22 and S22 Plus, as well as camera lenses that protrude.

These come from reputated sources too, so while we’d take them with a pinch of salt, they may well be accurate.

Multiple Galaxy S22 models: Plus and Ultra

It’s a safe assumption that Samsung will release numerous variants of the S22 range, each with a distinct set of specifications and prices. We’re expected to see a base S22 model, as well as an enhanced S22 Plus and an S22 Ultra model with the greatest specifications – and the highest price to match.

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It’s a tactic that Samsung has used for several generations, and it’s working. For those on a tighter budget, the business may release a less expensive Galaxy S22 FE (FE stands for Fan Edition), however, this is unlikely to coincide with the introduction of the range. The Galaxy S20 FE  was released in October 2020, eight months after the main S20 series, while the Galaxy S21 FE was released in January. To attain a lower price, the Fan Edition phone sacrificed a few smart features and specifications.

Prosser’s purportedly leaked pictures of the Galaxy S22 give us a taste of what the future phone has to offer. Curved edges and S Pen support are shown in the photographs. According to Prosser, the phone’s rear has a 108-megapixel primary camera and three lenses: a 12-megapixel ultrawide, a 10-megapixel, 3x telephoto, and a 10-megapixel, 10x telephoto.

Max Weinbach, a tech leaker, came to Twitter to back up Prosser’s allegations, writing, “Jon and I both confirmed that his photographs are genuine. This is true.”

Prior to the leaked photographs published by Prosser, renderings by LetsGoDigital and digital artist Giuseppe Spinelli suggest that Samsung’s upcoming phone might have a similar look to the Galaxy S21 range, with a metal camera block on the top left corner and a punch-hole camera in the top center of the display. LetsGoDigital and Super Roader, a former South Korean Samsung employee, got knowledge on the Galaxy S22 lineup’s design and then commissioned Spinelli to create photos of the phone based on that information.

Earlier images provided by Digit and tipster @OnLeaks suggest that the Galaxy S22 Ultra would look similar to the Galaxy Note 20, with a slot for the S Pen and flat edges on the top and bottom. According to Digit and @OnLeaks, Samsung’s next Ultra model will sport a P-shaped camera module with a quad-camera system. LetsGoDigital also got a leaked poster featuring the Galaxy S22 Ultra. The poster displayed the phone’s camera hump, square design, and S Pen functionality, with the stylus displayed on top of the phone.

Renders from Blass and a video from the YouTube channel Unbox Therapy also provided an early glimpse at Samsung’s future flagship. The video, which has since been delisted and reuploaded to other YouTube channels, showed off what seemed to be three fake units of the Galaxy S22: the Galaxy S22 Ultra, S22 Plus, and normal S22. Although the video doesn’t reveal much new information about the lineup, it does show how the sizes of each Galaxy S22 would compare.

Samsung Galaxy S22: Exynos 2200

Samsung doesn’t usually rely just on Snapdragon silicon to power its Galaxy S phones. Samsung has traditionally used its own Exynos CPUs for flagships released outside of the United States, and the forthcoming flagship Exynos chipset is no exception.

The Exynos 2200 is equipped with an xclipse 920 GPU, which is based on AMD’s RDNA 2 graphics architecture. This is the same technology that powers the PS5 and Xbox Series X. That’s not to claim the Galaxy S22 will match the power of today’s gaming consoles, but it might easily outperform the smartphones on our list of the top gaming phones.

While Samsung has divulged many of the chip’s capabilities, it hasn’t released final performance estimates, which is likely due to the fact that the chip isn’t completely ready despite mass manufacturing. We can, however, return to the leaks to obtain a sense of the chip’s power.

Ice Universe, a reliable leaker, revealed supposed Wild Life results of one Exynos 2200 configuration on Twitter; the graphics benchmark results showed a score of 8,134 points with an average FPS of 50.3. For an Android phone, that’s quite impressive.

Similarly, Geekbench 5 findings compared to the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 version of the S22 demonstrate that the Exynos CPU performs somewhat higher in the multi-core section of the test. Snapdragon chips often beat similar Exynos chips, thus this is good news for Samsung customers in countries where Exynos Galaxy S versions are marketed, such as the United Kingdom.

According to previously leaked Galaxy S22 Ultra benchmarks, the Exynos chipset that will power the Galaxy S22 series in some countries doesn’t truly blow away previous Samsung phones. According to that rumor, the future phone scored lower on Geekbench 5 than last year’s Galaxy S21 Ultra, which had an Exynos 2100 processor. It’s worth mentioning that the phone in question could not have been designed with a tablet in mind.

Meanwhile, according to a leaker who posted which regions will have Samsung flagships with specific CPUs, the Exynos 2200 appears to be set for the Galaxy S22 devices expected for Europe. In North and South America, East Asia, and Oceania, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 will be found in Galaxy S22 variants. In other regions of the world, a mix of Snapdragon and Exynos chipsets will be used.

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Samsung Galaxy S22: 45W fast charger

According to the latest reports, the normal Galaxy S22 will continue to support 25W charging, but the Galaxy S22 Plus and Galaxy S22 Ultra will support 45W charging, according to a recent report. This would be a great improvement.

Furthermore, the Galaxy S22 could receive 25W wireless charging, which would be a significant improvement above the 15W charging found on the Galaxy S21 series. However, this rumor appears to be less reliable.

According to the most recent rumor from WinFuture, the Galaxy S22 battery will be 3,700mAh, 4,500mAh for the S22 Plus, and 5,000mAh for the S22 Ultra. However, we’ll have to wait until Samsung Unpacked to see what’s confirmed; other speculations have suggested that the S22 would have a 3,800 mAh battery, while the S22 Plus will have a 4,600 mAh battery. 

Regardless of which rumor is true, the batteries in the Galaxy S22 and S22 Plus would be smaller than those in the Galaxy S21 models. For what it’s worth, someone claiming to be a Verizon rep posted on Reddit regarding Samsung’s next phones, claiming that the batteries in the Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22 Plus will be smaller.

Samsung Galaxy s22 camera 

samsung galaxy s22 specs price release date

According to rumors, the hero S22 Ultra will receive the most exciting camera upgrades this time around. That’s good to hear because while the S21 Ultra’s camera is excellent, it wasn’t a significant upgrade over its predecessor.

Based on a teaser tweet from Samsung’s own Exynos account showing a 200-megapixel phone camera, previous rumors suggest that it will be the first Samsung phone with a whopping 200-megapixel resolution. That would be a significant improvement over the already pixel-dense 108-megapixel S21 Ultra, allowing for sharper zoomed-in images.

However, according to Ice Universe (via GSM Arena), the phone’s 108-megapixel sensor would be retained, with the main camera specifications being fairly comparable to the S21 Ultra. According to an August leak from Galaxy Club, the Ultra form of Samsung’s next smartphone would also use the same camera technology as the Galaxy S21 Ultra.

According to 91Mobiles, a leaked spec sheet for the Galaxy S22 says the phone would also sport a 108-megapixel camera with a SuperClear lens. The Galaxy S22 is also rumored to include a 12-megapixel ultrawide lens and two 10-megapixel telephoto lenses with 3x and 10x zoom and OIS capabilities.

In terms of zoom, the S22 Ultra is said to have a continuous optical zoom rather than a set of 3x or 10x optical zoom lenses to choose between. Currently, zooming to 7x on the S21 Ultra will employ a combination of optical zoom and digital cropping, resulting in photographs that appear poorer in quality than when using the 10x optical lens. A continuous zoom would provide uncropped optical zoom over the whole zoom range.

Because the regular S22 and S22 Plus versions aren’t likely to get similar camera upgrades, the issue is whether the S22 Ultra will stand out and justify the additional money. Expect numerous lenses and a primary sensor with a resolution of 50 megapixels.

samsung galaxy s22 specs price release date

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Galaxy S22’s extra features

Wireless charging, NFC for contactless payments, 5G connectivity, and in-display fingerprint scanners are all safe bets for all S22 variants, according to the WinFuture source. It’s also expected that Samsung will continue to provide 128GB of base storage on all models, with upgrades to 256GB or even 500GB available for those who need more capacity.

However, don’t expect to be able to extend that capacity, as the S21 series disabled the ability to install microSD cards. That was a huge letdown, especially on the S21 Ultra, where the high-resolution photographs and 8K movies took up a lot of space. Keep your fingers crossed for a comeback, but don’t get too excited.

Check out what we know about the galaxy s22 for additional information.

Samsung Galaxy s22 price

 So far, we don’t know for sure how much the Samsung Galaxy S22 range will cost, but one leak suggests that the standard S22 will cost $899 (approximately £660 / AU$1,245), the Galaxy S22 Plus will cost $1,099 (approximately £805 / AU$1,525), and the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra will cost $1,299 (approximately £955 / AU$1,800).

The Samsung Galaxy S21 began at $799 / £769 / AU$1,249, the S21 Plus began at $999 / £949 / AU$1,549, and the S21 Ultra began at $1,199 / £1,149 / AU$1,849.

So, assuming the leak above is correct, each model will cost $100 more than its predecessor in the United States, with comparable price increases anticipated overseas.

Recently, we learned that the S22 will be priced at €849 in Europe, while the S23 will be priced at €1,049 in Europe. and €1,249 for the S22 Ultra. Those match the starting prices for the Galaxy S21, and we’ve heard these prices more than once now.

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Samsung Galaxy s22 specs and features 

Your Samsung Galaxy S22 will most likely be equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor or a Samsung Exynos 2200. Which one you get will be determined by where you reside, and one leak explains this in detail.

Both of these chipsets are now official, with Samsung’s Exynos 2200 being the most current. It includes an AMD GPU, which means it can perform both ray tracing and variable rate shading.

Meanwhile, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 offers a 20% faster CPU, 30% reduced power consumption (for longer battery life), and more when compared to the Snapdragon 888.

Prior to the Exynos launch, a leaker reported that Samsung was having difficulty producing the Exynos processor, which may have contributed to the delay.

We’ve subsequently learned that two CPUs will be utilized and that the Snapdragon version will be available in the majority of areas.

However, the most recent chipset leak comes in the form of European shop listings, all of which mention the Exynos 2200, implying that Europe will receive an Exynos chipset as normal.

Other spec leaks include allegations that the RAM and storage quantities will remain the same from the Galaxy S21 series, with one source claiming that the Galaxy S22 and S22 Plus would have 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage, and the Galaxy S22 Ultra will have 12GB or 16GB of RAM and 256GB or 512GB of storage. However, another source now claims that the S22 will only have 8GB or 12GB of RAM.

A benchmark for the Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus, like its predecessor, lists 8GB of RAM. This is for the Exynos 2200 model, and the results are concerningly low – although it appears that the phone was in a power-saving mode for some reason, which might explain it.

Furthermore, while the RAM  quantity may remain the same, Samsung may employ faster RAM, since it has announced RAM that is almost 1.3x quicker while consuming nearly 20% less power – however, the company has not stated if this RAM would be used in the Galaxy S22 series.

Furthermore, according to another claim, the Galaxy S22 Ultra would include 1TB of internal storage, the same as the iPhone 13. With the high-end gadget presumably capable of capturing 8K video, a 1TB storage option makes a lot of sense, and many sources have now confirmed that this will happen – it remains to be seen if this will be the only model to provide it.

We’ve also heard that the Samsung Galaxy S22 lineup will include vapor chambers to keep them cool. This is a feature that Samsung has employed in the past, but not in all of its recent flagships. 

However, the firm is apparently contemplating reintroducing them for its 2022 flagships, which would most likely include the Galaxy S22 lineup.

While keeping phone internals cool is important for maintaining maximum performance, vapor chambers aren’t the only way to do it, so it’s not necessarily a loss if the Galaxy S22 series lacks one.

Finally, the Galaxy S22 Ultra is expected to support Samsung’s S Pen, as the S21 Ultra does. The future phone, however, will most likely go so far as to have a slot for it, something the S21 Ultra does not.

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