May 16, 2022

so right after the launch of the oneplus Nord 2 5g we also have the poco f3 gt with us and it’s time yet again for that famous oneplus poco battle and I know that a lot of you folks are waiting with baited bread to find out which one of these two phones should you pick up so without wasting any time shall we do the math.

my name is akash and this is our full review of the poco f3 gt and detailed comparison against the oneplus Nord 2 5g but before we move on don’t forget to hit that red subscribe button and the bell icon right next to it. so that you will get notified about our new post and we need all your support let’s move on.

Design (Poco f3 gt vs Oneplus Nord 2)

looks of poco f3 gt and oneplus nord 2

starting with the design the two phones offer completely different design aesthetics while the Nord 2 has a more conventional industrial design the f3 gt goes for a gamer aesthetic.

see I know design is subjective, but I’d like to meet the designer or the product engineer who thought it was a good idea to scribble words nonsensical words such as freezing and speediest on their phone doesn’t look very premium.

especially because this phone is made of premium materials, yes the f3 gt has a glass sandwich design with gorilla glass 5 on the front and the back which is the same as the Nord 2.

poco f3 gt camera bump

it also has an aluminum frame compared to the Nord 2 that has a plastic one and the f3 gt has a tinier camera bump too the other design flair that really doesn’t work for me is the flash that looks like a flash gamer really like flashy stuff don’t they okay that’s too much use of flash as for the size.

screen to body ratio of poco f3 gt
screen to body ratio

the poco f3 gt is slightly wider and taller than the Nord 2 that’s because it has a larger display too but I feel that the poco f3 gt does a better job of the screen to body ratio thanks to the comparatively smaller chin and it has a better weight distribution compared to the Nord 2.

nord 2 feels more holdable than poco f3 gt

as well but all that doesn’t matter when it comes to the in-hand feel of both the phones because the Nord 2 does feel more holdable thanks to the higher degree of curvature on the rear glass and the smaller form factor in general for what it is worth the rear glass.

poco f3 gt comes with a mechanical trigger button for better gaming experiance.

both these phones are resistant to fingerprint smudges and that is a huge relief the poco f3 gt’s other advantage is the mechanical triggers for an enhanced gaming experience more about that

in my performance section but what you need to know is that it makes the right edge very busy.

the bottom portion of the right edge does graze against your palm while holding the phone making it mildly irritating.

both the phones comes with type c port

now you get a type c port at the bottom of both the phones and both to offer only USB 2.0 speeds and both the phones also offer dual sim card trays at the bottom with no way to expand the memory but the f3 gt has an advantage with its true stereo speakers setup and support for Dolby atmos it does sound better than the Nord 2 in the lower frequency ranges with a lot more weight to the base.

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Display (Poco f3 gt vs Onplus Nord 2)


now that’s not it the poco f3 gt also offers high-res certification for both wired and wireless audio and you get a type-c dongle in the box which means if you are an audio nerd the f3 gt is clearly the better phone for you.

another ace up its sleeve is uh the ip53 dust and water resistance which the Nord 2 doesn’t offer now if you ask me I feel that the oneplus Nord 2 has a more cohesive and more attractive design compared to the poco f3 gt.

but you cannot discount the functional advantages that the poco f3 gt brings to the table as for the display the f3 gt has a larger 6.67-inch AMOLED panel with a 120-hertz refresh rate compared to the smaller 6.43-inch fluid AMOLED panel with a 90-hertz refresh rate on the Nord 2.

hdr playback

plus you get wi-fi and l1 support and hdr playback from the Netflix app on the f3 gt last I checked while the Nord 2 does have wide one l1 it still doesn’t offer hdr playback on Netflix plus the peak brightness in my standard hdr test is slightly lower on the oneplus Nord 2.

color tuning

in fact, even regular brightness outdoors is slightly better on the poco f3 gt. the other problem is the Nord 2 doesn’t offer a good color tuning either the f3.

its settings page offers more granular control for tweaking the colors plus you can get a tuning that is close to natural on the f3 gt compared to the Nord 2.

which is a huge advantage for the purists for those who do not display nerds this should be a total non-issue though the f3 gt also offers a higher-touch response rate of 480 hertz.

better touch response

which is much higher than what the Nord 2 can achieve the difference is palpable while gaming a part of the Nord 2’s display is also the in-display fingerprint scanner that is super fast to unlock but I’m biased towards side-mounted fingerprint scanners like the one on the f3 gt.

it just feels more intuitive convenient and fast as for the haptic feedback the Nord 2 has the poco f3 gt conveniently beat it feels more precise tight and gently very good.

it is not like the poco f3 gt is bad not even remotely but just that the not too is better overall though the poco f3 gt has a better display compared to the oneplus Nord 2.

easy victory for the poco f3 gt out here

camera comparison (Poco f3 gt vs Oneplus Nord 2)

all the points we’re comparing here I really want to see how the 64 mp camera on the f3 gt supposedly an OmniVision ov 64b sensor compares to the Sony IMX 766.

when it comes to the image quality and what you’re going to see next, it will definitely surprise you. but before that let’s take a look at the rest of the camera setup.

camera setup

you get an 8-megapixel ultra-wide-angle camera on the two phones and the tertiary camera of the Nord 2 it’s a 2-megapixel monochrome sensor whereas on the f3 gt it is a macro shooter. on the front you get an upgraded 32-megapixel primary camera compared to the 16 megapixel unit on the f3 gt let’s get down to the comparison.

close up shots (Poco f3 gt vs Oneplus Nord 2)

now let’s start with the close-up shots and by the way, these are non-hdr shots.

I can’t really tell the difference I really cannot these look like photos shot by the same phone.

the only difference is the f3 gt has slightly better contrast making the outlines look better defined.

close up shots

therefore it has a slight edge here but most people won’t really care talking about the details in this shot you will notice that the f3 gt does tend to over sharpen the leaves on the tree which is visible on the close crop.

the Nord 2’s texture detail is more natural-looking when there is no hdr processing involved of course evaluating the color science in non-hdr’s shots was such a tough task.

but I figured it out the oneplus Nord 2 has closer to natural colors the ft gt looks incredibly close to Nord 2 in terms of color science.

though the difference is the added contrast because of which you get slightly deeper blues greens and reds as a result again the difference is nearly negligible.

by the way did you notice that the Nord 2 has a wider field of view on the main camera.

hdr shots (Poco f3 gt vs Oneplus Nord 2)

now anyway moving on when it comes to hdr shots oneplus’s algorithm goes nuts and I’ve mentioned this in the oneplus Nord 2 review as well in the very first shot.

hdr shots

you can clearly see that the Nord 2 has made the image look unnatural with its height and blues and greens plus it has soft details in certain areas and over-sharpened it in certain others.

when it comes to resolving the highlights in the shadows both are pretty decent.

however, in the second shot, the Nord 2 does have better control over the highlights which I noticed often while testing but yeah the f3 gt doesn’t overprocess and botch up the color science or the details which definitely gives it an advantage.

by the way, during my testing, I also noticed that Poco’s auto hdr algorithm is very iffy and doesn’t fire even when the scene clearly demands it

so you might want to toggle the hdr manually if you see that some portions in your shot might get overexposed.

ultrawide shots (Poco f3 gt vs Oneplus Nord 2)

ultrawide shot

now the ultrawide shots from both the phones look absolutely identical if I showed you these pictures without telling the name of the phone you wouldn’t be able to tell these pictures were captured by two different phones.

but yes the contrast is slightly better on the f3 gt like it is in primary camera shots as well I want to clear one lingering doubt that a lot of folks had from our previous camera comparisons.

whenever we say human subject shot or a portrait shot presume that we’ve actually taken it from the rear camera because that’s generally what we do.

uh you know if we are actually taking a selfie picture or a selfie portrait we will mention that clearly in the tag above.

ultrawide shot 2

now with that out of the way you can clearly tell from these samples that the Nord 2 has a better picture here with good control over the highlights on the face. and natural details the facial tone is slightly veering towards the red color.

but it is not entirely off I’d easily pick the Nord 2 as the winner here but yes you see that the depth on the rear is more pronounced on the f3 gt because of the larger aperture

that it has but once again when there is processing involved oneplus drops the ball it smoothens out the detail on the face in portrait shots using the rear camera

also the f3 gt’s edge detection is better and the depth of field effect looks pretty natural as well.


when it comes to selfies I really like what the Nord 2 can reproduce it looks more realistic and offers natural details compared to the overtly contrasty look of the f3 gt selfie.

now this is a look that some might prefer but technically it is not accurate and in hdr selfies, the f3 gt actually has a problem with creating a distinctly tone matte look with the halo.

color fringing around the edges of the objects in the background you will see this problem crop up later as well in selfie portraits the not too clearly looks better again it doesn’t look over-processed which is a good thing.

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lowlight shots

low light shot

moving on to low light shots in the first sample of the scene outside; the Nord 2 and the poco f3 gt don’t look too different except for the height and color of the sky on the f3 gt.

but with the night mode on the f3 gt compensates by over-sharpening very badly.

and when it gets even darker indoors. the Nord 2 does a better job once again the light sensitivity of the imx 766 sensor is better for sure. and the night mode performance is good too.

that is also because of the presence of os which eliminates any shakes to offer a crisp shot in low light selfies again the Nord 2 is just better no questions asked.

video recording (Poco f3 gt vs Oneplus Nord 2)

now moving on to video recording which is the final bit of our comparison both the phones can do only up to 4k 30fps video recording. and they look very similar except for the better contrast on the f3 gt as was the case with the image processing.

the stabilization looks very similar on both dynamic range performance and sound recording is near identical to really very little telling the two apart except for the contrast.

when it comes to recording videos with the front camera there are some differences both the phones can shoot only up to 1080p 30fps videos the f3 gt has an edge with image stabilization.

but the Nord 2 definitely offers better environmental noise cancellation and a cleaner sound recording so both the phones stop out at 1080p 30fps using the front camera.

evidently, we can do stabilization which the oneplus Nord 2 cannot there’s a special hdr mode for shooting videos in f3 gt and it looks absolutely horrendous with a distinct tone-mapped face.

also, both the phones also offer a dual view video recording option thanks to the powerful processor.

I think the Nord 2’s wider frame helps with framing slightly better also it just looks a little better generally the ethernet however has an upper hand with the creative vlog mode.

which is definitely a cool option to have so overall the camera system on the oneplus Nord 2 5g is better than the one on the poco f3 gt.

it’s not like the poco f3 gt has bad cameras in fact in many situations you really cannot tell the difference between the two but the Nord 2 definitely has better performance in low light thanks to its existence.

and of course, the Nord 2 also has better selfie camera performance in most scenarios which definitely gives it an edge over the poco f3 gt also if you’ve come this far

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user interface (Poco f3 gt vs Oneplus Nord 2)

the f3 gt comes with the latest version of miui which is miui 12.5.2 in this version there’s little to no bloatware apart from Facebook and LinkedIn which can be deleted.

poco f3 comes with miui 12

plus you can also delete some system apps such as notes and calendar but that system cleaner is still pretty annoying and cannot be uninstalled either.

Nord 2 is pretty clean in terms of bloatware as well but like I mentioned in the Nord 2 review the code based integration with color os 11.3 causes some design inconsistencies

nord 2 with oxygen os

with oxygen os 11.3 if oneplus is moving towards integrating colorways and future oneplus phones which by the way I feel is going to happen. the company should just move entirely instead of doing a pad job.

by the way, if you haven’t read the oneplus note 2 reviews I have given the link below go ahead and do that.

as for miui 12.5, it is feature-rich well optimized and the cleanest version of mi UI yet there are no unwanted ads or notifications even I don’t see a reason why people should hate miui anymore having said that.

miui  12  vs oxygen os

oxygenos 11.3 still has an edge when it comes to design and convenient optimizations because even a simple job like changing the wallpaper continues to be a chore on miui.

but yeah between these two operating systems oxygen os just feels more polished even in its weird state of flux.

also oneplus has promised the Nord 2 will get two years of major Android upgrades which are android 12 and android 13. I don’t know how long the poco f3 gt will be supported.

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performance (Poco f3 gt vs Oneplus Nord 2)

the flavor of the season when it comes to mobile chips is the new MediaTek dimensity 1200 soc. this is the first time that oneplus has used a MediaTek chip in its phone.


and the poco f3 gt uses the same chip but note that you get only a maximum of 8 GB of ram on the f3 gt compared to the Nord 2 which has a 12GB variant as well both the phones offer ufs 3.1 storage.

but in my antutu bench test the Nord 2’s memory had a slightly faster performance.

overall I did a detailed performance comparison of the f3 gt’s original version redmi k40 gaming edition with the iqoo 7 and the mi 11x.

antutu test

and the performance is very similar here as well it throttles in CPU performance but is fairly stable in GPU performance compared to the oneplus Nord 2 as you can tell from the CPU throttling test.

also the 3d mark wildlife stress test cores are here and when you compare the gaming performance the f3 gt feels a tad bit smoother thanks to the higher refresh rate display and touch response rate.

wild life street test on poco f3 gt and oneplus nord 2

oneplus performance leads that it used to boast off earlier are slowly vanishing thanks to the fact that most other brands are actually catching up to oneplus now.

even sometimes performing better anyway coming to the gaming performance considering the poco f3 gt is gaming chops in battleground mobile India.

both the phones can achieve hdr graphics and ultra or 40 frames per second. if you want to achieve 60 fps you have to switch to smooth graphics.

bgmi fps setting

but recently the x7 max managed to get a 90 fps setting so maybe there is hope for the f3 gt and the oneplus Nord 2 and even the reno 6 pro for that matter.

so I don’t play bgmi much so you will have to wait for somebody to test it extensively for you guys I’d suggest that you wait for gizmo digged the ninja tech or gizmo times video.

where you can actually see great gameplay performance and you know how the fps performs as well. but I did play 30 minutes of call of duty mobile on the two phones and the f3 gt was definitely better when it comes to touch response.

and overall feel that said both the phones did end up touching about 41 to 42 degrees which is par for the course so in Russia’s battery test. the youtube channel by the way should go watch it,

now he noticed that when he was playing asphalt 9 for 1 hour. uh, the poco f3 gt definitely got warm around the metal frame uh because it dissipates the heat from that area but it was cooler on the front.

and the back compared to the oneplus Nord 2 5g in fact overall the Nord 2 5g actually got uh you know warmer compared to the poco f3 gt as for the triggers they are too close to the edge.

for me, I found the touch controls more responsive, to be honest.

then again I presume it will take some time to recalibrate your twitch responses to work with the triggers.

although we must appreciate how the triggers are tucked inside the body and pop out only when you push the slider so the long story short is the poco f3 gt is a better phone for gaming enthusiasts.

network (Poco f3 gt vs Oneplus Nord 2)

network band

as for the network performance both the phones are pretty good at 4g network performance with support for 4g carrier aggregation as well.

but when it comes to 5g support the oneplus note 2 has an edge with support for seven bands compared to
the support for two bands on the poco f3 gt.

battery (Poco f3 gt vs Oneplus Nord 2)

battery performance

the poco f3 gt has a larger 5060 mah battery compared to the 4500mah unit. on the Nord 2, this does help with a slightly better battery performance you can expect around 10 hours on the f3 gt.

but the Nord 2 can only come close to 6 hours of screen on time I also noticed that the f3 gt does last longer in general as for the 67-watt charger that you get inside the box of the poco phone.

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screen on time

it takes 55 minutes to charge from zero to 100 poco’s charging optimization definitely reduces the rate of charge in
the final 10 to 20 percent

charging time

in comparison, the Nord 2 can charge from 0 to 100 in under 35 minutes charging speeds are definitely better on the Nord 2 for sure.


so finally which one of these two phones should you go for. and I think most of you guys already know the answer to this question is that if you play a lot of games.

if you are you know into bgmi or call of duty mobile. then it just makes a whole lot of sense to pick up the poco f3 gt over the oneplus Nord 2 5g.

if you are a multimedia nerd then the highest support and of course the great stereo speaker performance definitely comes in handy.

let’s not forget the fact that you also get hdr playback on Netflix on the poco f3 gt compared to the oneplus Nord 2.

but the oneplus Nord 2 has good design great camera performance and of course generally clean software going for it so it will appeal to a wider audience base.

so define your use case figure out what you want to do with your phone before you make that purchase decision.

I hope you guys liked this comparison it was a pretty detailed one we worked really hard on it

so don’t forget to hit subscribe button and of course share with your friend’s button as well until next time.

  1. What will be the price of a Poco F3 GT in India?

    The phone is sold in three configurations in India — 6GB/128GB, 8GB/128GB, and 8GB/256GB. There's also a 12GB/256GB model, but that variant hasn't debuted in India. Here's the breakdown of the POCO F3 GT pricing in India:
    POCO F3 GT 6GB/128GB: ₹26,999, 8GB/128GB: ₹28,999, 8GB/256GB: ₹30,999

  2. Is the Poco F3 GT launching in India or not?

    To answer your question, yes. Xiaomi has already launched the product and it is available on the online marketplace. The Poco F3 GT comes with a lot of top specifications like a 120Hz display, a powerful 5G processor by Mediatek, and a stunning 64MP camera at the back. Also, the smartphone is a gaming device as well as it comes with high-fidelity stereo speakers, a dedicated GT switch, Maglev triggers, and X-Shockers. The Poco F3 GT gives stiff competition to all the mid-range devices and has some rare features that are not available in the competition handsets.

  3. How many 5G bands support the Poco F3 GT in India?

    Two 5G bands are supported in Poco F3 GT. This won’t make any impact on usage as 5G isn’t available in India currently.

  4. What are the special features of the OnePlus Nord 2 5G?

    The OnePlus Nord 2 has provided a 50-megapixel Sony IMX766 primary camera sensor, and a 4,500mAh battery along with Warp Charge 65 fast charging. These additions provide customers a decent upgrade over the original OnePlus Nord that came with a 48-megapixel Sony IMX586 primary camera.
    It also comes with an octa-core MediaTek Dimensity 1200-AI SoC that makes it a different phone altogether in the OnePlus portfolio. The chipset is claimed to be designed in collaboration with MediaTek to deliver a list of artificial intelligence (AI) backed enhancements. These include quicker scene detection as well as the ability to increase the sharpness and boost the colours on certain apps.
    This new smartphone has a number of upgrades: a bigger primary camera, larger battery, and faster charging over the last year model. It is also the first phone from OnePlus to have a MediaTek SoC over a Qualcomm one. In addition to those hardware specifications, the OnePlus Nord 2 5G also carries a new OxygenOS version. The smartphone overall has many features to attract people looking for a phone under Rs. 35,000.

  5. Will the Poco F3 GT beat the OnePlus Nord 2?

    Yes, it can beat the OnePlus Nord 2 with its unique design containing metal frames and its aggressive pricing. It looks premium in hand and is built for high end gaming.
    It also has the same processor as OnePlus Nord 2 and is highly optimised. Poco MIUI is highly optimised and well built with an app drawer unlike MIUI on Xiaomi phones.

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