July 2, 2022
Peaky Blinders Season 5 Review
The Peaky Blinders season 5 will be the most divisive of the series.this is the season that will most likely divide people,

The Peaky Blinders season 5 will be the most divisive of the series. Peaky Blinders’ current season is both the finest and poorest of the five distinct storylines, with a more introspective perspective and a purposeful dosage of style and aesthetic choices over tense action. The BBC’s popular crime thriller, which is juggling many subplots and two antagonists, feels like a programme that is trying too hard to please everyone while failing to genuinely create as much excitement as it might. Individually, the episodes provide strong drama and an amazing aesthetic, but as a whole, this is the season that will most likely divide people, especially given the unresolved finish.

We start the season with the stock market crisis of 1929, with Tommy now an MP and the Peaky Blinders on top of the world. Michael’s plan backfires overnight, putting Shelby Limited in jeopardy. Tommy finds himself conducting business with the prolifically deadly Oswald Mosley, desperate to reclaim the stolen money. Simultaneously, he strikes a deal with the Chinese to bring in a profitable stockpile of narcotics in exchange for money, all while attempting to reach an agreement with the Billy Boys, whom Aberama wants dead for personal reasons.

All of these tales intersect as Arthur’s inner demons resurface, Tommy struggles with his own sanity, and a handful of handy narrative devices are employed late in the season, culminating in a major mystery being revealed during the season finale’s climax. There’s a lot going on in these six episodes, and despite the hour-long slices of drama moving things forward in a timely manner, Season 5 feels like it has a little too much going on when compared to previous seasons.

In essence, there are three primary themes at work here: Tommy’s inner demons erupting in the aftermath of the Wall Street disaster; the Billy Boys fighting the Peaky Blinders; and Mosley’s political clout. That’s not to mention the multiple characters and subplots that appear throughout the episodes. It’s all extremely heavy drama, and there’s a definite lack of the comedic relief that made the prior seasons so well balanced. This season, more than any other in Peaky Blinders’ history, is likely to split fans the most.

Peaky Blinders has always had outstanding scene design and camera work, but Season 5 takes it to the next level with a plethora of montage sequences, slow-motion images, and symbolism. This can feel like it’s getting in the way of the main story at times, especially if you watch the episodes in order, but the show has always walked that delicate line between the two, so it’s not a big deal.

Despite this, Peaky Blinders continues to excite with its action, drama, and visually appealing episodes. For big portions of the season, Solomon’s insane quips and unpredictability feel like the missing component, but Mosley’s delightfully dark presence should be enough to take you through to the conclusion. Peaky Blinders wraps off another good season, even if it is likely to be the most polarising in the show’s history, with a sixth season already confirmed and all six episodes entertaining and well-paced.

Rating: 9 out of 10.
Peaky Blinder Season 5 Review - 9/10 

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