May 16, 2022
Oppo find x5 pro review
Find X5 series from Oppo is arrived, with three phones to choose from, including the top-tier Find X5 Pro. This seems like Oppo's most comprehensive flagship yet, with a ceramic shell, Hasselblad-powered camera, and Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 inside - and a serious competitor to the S22 Ultra.

The Find X5 series from Oppo is arrived, with three phones to choose from, including the top-tier Find X5 Pro. This seems like Oppo’s most comprehensive flagship yet, with a ceramic shell, Hasselblad-powered camera, and Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 inside – and a serious competitor to the S22 Ultra.

The standard Find X5 and Find X5 Lite, on the other hand, are excellent phones in their own right, and Oppo’s current flagship lineup should have something for everyone when it launches. And there will be a bit of a wait, since the phones will not be available for a month after the formal debut.

Oppo Find X5 Pro display quality and design

Ceramic White and Glaze Black are the two colours available for the Find X5 Pro, highlighting the superior material used for the phone’s IP68-rated body. The ceramic back is two times tougher and two times better at heat conduction than a conventional phone glass panel, keeping the Find X5 Pro effectively cooler under gaming stress.

Find x5 series
find x5 pro

The camera island has a unique asymmetric shape with no harsh edges that rises gradually from the back and merges in more smoothly than traditional rectangular or square islands. The Hasselblad camera relationship is clearly advertised across the back, as is the hint that the X5 Pro features the in-house MariSilicon X image neural processor unit within, just as the latter OnePlus phones.

Because of the ceramic back, the phone is somewhat heavier than the Find X3 Pro, but it feels robust in the hand and has a well-balanced weight distribution. The tall and thin design, along with the curved display edges, provides an ergonomic grasp for one-handed operation and the back swipe motion.

Overall, the Find X5 Pro makes a strong design statement, especially when combined with the semi-transparent silicone cover that comes with the phone and exposes some of the phone’s design to the world behind the lens.

The Find X3 Pro’s 6.7″ 1440p display featured the greatest refresh rate range of any phone last year, dipping as low as 5Hz when presenting static graphics and up to 120Hz during 120fps gaming sessions. Following that, Oppo’s sibling firm OnePlus and, more recently, Samsung with the Galaxy S22 Ultra, launched phones with 1Hz-120Hz screens, and the Find X5 Pro’s 6.7″ WQHD+ curved OLED display now follows suit.

There is no longer an option to select a set 120Hz refresh rate, since Oppo’s dynamic refresh technology now kicks in automatically based on the type of material displayed on the phone, and the only other choice is to maintain the screen at 60Hz if you prefer.

Oppo find x5 pro review
Oppo find x5 series

Since its collaboration with Pixelworks, Oppo has included a per-unit factory Delta E calibration, color-blindness settings, and a camera-to-display broad colour management system, as is customary with the company. The LTPO panel is factory calibrated, and it has one of the finest colour credibility Delta measures we’ve ever seen, with only Google’s Pixels  coming close.

Furthermore, the Find X5 Pro gets the best white balance score, coming closest to the 6500K reference point, indicating that the colours on the screen are spot on in terms of warmth, neither too yellowish nor too cool and blueish. By combining the high usual and peak brightness levels, the business has broken its own record for phone screens.

The Find X5 Pro uses “multi-brightness colour calibration” to make the most of its superb display panel’s capabilities, ensuring that the screen is as color-true in all lighting settings, whether on the beach or in the dark.

Hardware and specs

  • Snapdragon 8 Gen 1
  • 12GB RAM – 256GB storage
  • 5000mAh battery
  • 80W SuperVOOC charging/50W wireless AirVOOC charging

Oppo’s new flagship appears to have the proper internal components to keep the phone feeling speedy and responsive. The Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor is in charge, with 12GB of RAM and 256GB of storage. It also includes a function that allows you to use portion of the storage as RAM. We don’t know when that will be necessary, but it is a possibility.

When it comes to battery life, the 5000mAh battery in here should be more than enough to get you through even the busiest of work days. This is especially true when it comes to Oppo’s battery management. Its past flagships all came with 4500mAh batteries, which we’ve always thought to be among the finest.

Thanks to the availability of SuperVOOC flash charging, battery anxiety should never be an issue. Your phone battery will be 50% full after a 12-minute charge. For those who are more worried about battery life, Oppo’s newest battery architecture and charging optimizations allow the phone to last 1600 charge cycles. Plus, when used with the Oppo AirVOOC charger, it can charge wirelessly at up to 50W rates.

Camera quality and samples

The Find X5 Pro also has a significant improvement in picture processing. While the phone is powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 2022 Android CPU, Oppo created its own image NPU dubbed MariSilicon X to improve the X5 Pro’s low-light imaging capabilities.

MariSilicon X is built on a current 6nm chip manufacturing technology and can do 18 trillion operations per second (TOPS) faster than any other mobile NPU while using the least amount of electricity. Its advanced noise-reduction algorithms “identify and eliminate noise in each frame, pixel by pixel, while maintaining finer detail, skin tone, and colour accuracy,” according to the company. As a consequence, we obtain a 4x boost in perceived night video resolution, exceptionally quick night shot capture, and improved colour reproduction, all without sacrificing battery life.

As you can see, it has a much better dynamic range and a more pleasing night-like photo than the Find X5 Pro’s predecessor did with the same camera kit, not to mention that the challenging low-light-with-highlights shot we took with the X5 Pro below was nearly instantaneous compared to the Find X3 Pro’s night shot of the same scene, which took two or three seconds to produce.

To ensure colour and white balance consistency across photos taken with the two cameras, we used the identical wide and ultra-wide angle camera sensors – Sony’s flagship 50MP IMX766 with a sensor size of 1/1.56″ and 2um pixel size after binning. There’s also a 3x telephoto zoom camera, however the X3 Pro’s Microlens camera, which produced tiny closeups, is no longer available.

Find X5 Pro

Oppo has asked Sony to tweak the front-facing selfie camera’s IMX709 sensor and merge it with the MariSilicon X image processing system for “more texture and more accurate colour reproduction” in low-light situations. When additional individuals join the photo, the selfie snapper automatically extends the view from 80 to 90 degrees.

The Oppo Find X5 Pro, like its sister company OnePlus’s phones, features Hasselblad camera branding, implying the presence of the company’s Natural Color Calibration technology in Pro Mode as well as a set of “creative Master filters, bringing iconic natural colour, professional colour profile, and style to mobile photography.”

What was the MariSilicon X’s real-world performance? With incredibly rapid focusing speeds, outstanding dynamic range, decent portrait subject separation, and convincing colour representation, this camera performs admirably. We really like how the colours and white balance from both the primary and ultrawide cameras are consistent, with the only real flaw in the Find X5 Pro camera being the mediocre 3x telephoto zoom range supplied by a standard 13MP sensor.

Find X5 Verdict : Should you buy it ?

In most other aspects, including as camera performance, battery life, 5G connection, and charging speeds, the Find X5 Pro can compete with or even outperform flagships like the S22 Ultra  or iPhone 13 Pro Max .

With just the telephoto camera’s zoom range being on the medium side, we’d have to highlight the ultrawide camera quality, which matches that of the primary sensor, as well as the rapid nighttime images processed by the in-house MariSilicon X NPU.

Despite its many advantages, the premium ceramic Oppo Find X5 Pro will, as usual, be priced on pace with Samsung or Apple’s best, which will be a difficult hill to scale at launch. The Oppo Find X5 Pro is a must-have if you can acquire it from Asia, where it’ll be significantly cheaper, and you’ll also be able to purchase a special blue leather variant.


  • Near perfect display color calibration
  • Extremely fast wired or wireless charging
  • MariSilicon X image processor brings fast and clean night shots
  • Fast 5G connectivity
  • Premium ceramic body


  • A tad slow optical fingerprint scanner
  • Zoom camera range and image quality could be higher
  • Pricey

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