May 16, 2022
Nothing phone 1
We may now get our first peek at the Nothing Phone 1 in person. The business posted an image of a phone's bottom on Twitter

Nothing eventually announced the debut of a smartphone earlier this month. Apart from the phone’s name (Nothing phone 1), it didn’t reveal anything else about it.

We may now get our first peek at the Nothing Phone 1 in person. The business posted an image of a phone’s bottom on Twitter. The teaser gives you a few insights about the device, despite the fact that it’s only a fraction of it.

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Unfortunately, April Fool’s Day is tomorrow. As a result, nearly anything “announced” in the next 48 hours is suspicious. In fact, Nothing states in the tweet that an announcement would be made tomorrow, April 1st. Is this some kind of elaborate ruse? It’s a distinct possibility.

The Nothing Phone 1 appears to contain a USB-C port and bottom-firing speakers, as one might expect. This isn’t surprising, given the fact that very few Android phones lack these two design aspects.

However, some of the display glass can be seen in the photo, and it appears to be curved on the sides. Curved displays are common on expensive flagship phones. The OnePlus 9, Google Pixel 6 , and Samsung Galaxy S22  phones, for example, have flat screens, whereas the OnePlus 9 Pro, Google Pixel 6 Pro, and Galaxy S22 Ultra  feature curved screens. This strongly suggests that the Nothing Phone 1 will be a premium flagship contender, rather than a mid-range device.

Of course, all of these assumptions are based on the assumption that this is a real phone image. We’ll have to wait and see what tomorrow’s announcement says about the image’s validity. Nothing did confirm that the Nothing OS launcher would be released in April, so it’s possible that everything is on the level.

Last but not least, Nothing tweeted this at OnePlus’ global debut of the OnePlus 10 Pro . Carl Pei, the CEO of OnePlus, was a key figure in the company’s early days, thus this tweet is a double-whammy.

Nothing Another phone(1) tease

Nothing sent out a tweet on April Fool’s Day, promoting what many assumed was the company’s previously announced Nothing phone (1). Instead, CEO Carl Pei offered us a sneak peek at Another (1), a phone that is “exactly the same as everything else” and is “inspiringly uninspired.”

Nothing’s phone, which has “edge-to-edge monotony,” pokes fun at other popular smartphone firms’ designs by having a “utterly generic” physical aspect. It resembles the Samsung Galaxy S22 in terms of design, as well as other phones with a similar camera configuration, curved edges, side buttons, and edge-to-edge displays.

While it’s unlikely that it’ll “come to boring you soon” (unless it’s the ultimate April Fool’s joke? ), it does reveal that CEO Carl Pei is working on a new design for the Nothing phone (1). Despite being “announced” during the recent Nothing event, we have yet to see the phone. Instead, we were treated to a glimpse of odd symbols and a glance at Nothing OS.

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