May 16, 2022
Nothing phone 1
Nothing phone 1 wants to create a rival to Apple's ecosystem. This diversified and open ecosystem seeks to provide consumers with options.

Carl Pei, a former OnePlus executive, delivered the big news we’ve all been waiting for today: Nothing will launch an Android-based smartphone this year. Furthermore, the phone will ship with an unique Android skin that, on paper, sounds eerily similar to the early days of OnePlus’ Oxygen OS.

The smartphone is formally known as the Nothing Phone 1. This is consistent with the company’s obvious branding approach, as its initial product is a pair of earbuds known as Ear 1. Nothing has been confirmed, but Phone 1 will be the company’s next hardware release, so we won’t see any other gear for a long.

Phone 1 will be powered by snapdragon

image – Nothing event

Phone 1 will be powered by an unspecified Snapdragon CPU. Given that this is the company’s debut product, it is impossible to speculate on which CPU that could be. Nothing stated that further information on the phone and its accompanying hardware would be released “in the coming months.”

The business did not provide a specific launch date for the phone, only a broad estimate of Summer 2022. That means between now and the end of September, but we’ll likely find out more specifics soon.

Nothing’s single current product, the Nothing Ear 1, has a transparent casing on both the earphones and the charging case, which is one of its striking design characteristics. Carl Pei stated this when media interviewed him in the early days of Nothing.

With that in mind, it’s quite possible that a portion, if not the entire, of the Nothing Phone 1 will be made of transparent plastic. If that happens, it will undoubtedly set the smartphone  apart from others on the market. It would also elevate the coupling of a Nothing phone and a set of its headphones to the level of a fashion statement.

However, all of this is speculative at the time. Apart from describing the Nothing Phone 1 as having a “iconic design,” the business did not reveal any other details. It did reveal the unusual symbol above, which could be a foreshadowing of what we might see.

Nothing os 

Carl Pei previously teased the phone, but now he’s talking about Nothing OS. It’s a stock-style version of Android that showcases the best features of the operating system. It employs the design language and minimalism of Nothing. The clock, for example, remains in the same location on the AOD, lock screen, and home screen. The dot matrix font may be found throughout the operating system, and there are some unusual sounds.

Nothing phone 1
image – Nothing event

There are also three years of security updates and four years of security patches included. Nothing OS is at the centre of Nothing’s new ecosystem, which includes AirPods and other devices. The launcher for Nothing OS will be available later this year.

Nothing wants to create a rival to Apple’s ecosystem. This diversified and open ecosystem seeks to provide consumers with options.

Nothing, according to Carl Pei, is ready for what’s ahead and even has some important partners. Phone 1 will be built on the Snapdragon platform.

carl’s Nothing can hope to transform the face of technology or reawaken people’s interest in it. Carl Pei makes an excellent point: we’ve become jaded to technology. That is very true for me.


Nothing OS, which will be placed on top of Android, will power the phone (1). Icons, widgets, and fonts will adhere to Nothing’s dot-matrix design language, as seen in the press photos below. “Nothing OS encapsulates the greatest characteristics of pure Android , stripping the operating system down to its fundamentals, where every byte has a function. It is intended to provide a quick, fluid, and personalised experience “remarked Pei during the keynote address. Clearly, the operating system will deliver a near-stock Android experience, similar to OnePlus’ OxygenOS  in the early days. Fans of Google’s native launcher will be relieved to learn that the phone (1) will most likely be devoid of bloatware and unwanted software.

Nothing phone 1
Image – Nothing event

According to a press release from Nothing, a first preview of Nothing OS will be available to download and test on select smartphone models beginning in April.

A Qualcomm Snapdragon CPU  will power the Nothing phone (1). Back in October of last year, the two businesses established a cooperation, promising future tech items with Qualcomm chips baked inside. It’s unclear whether it’ll be the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1  or the 2022 edition of the flagship processor.

OnePlus is not the same firm that Carl Pei founded all those years ago. Some could even suggest it’s lost its way since its days as the flagship killer. The OnePlus 9 Pro  was a fantastic phone, but it was also the most costly OnePlus device to date.

With the OnePlus 10 Pro  just on the corner, the Nothing Phone 1 has a chance to make a major impression. In an era where flagship killers have given way to so-called “cheap flagships,” we’re left wondering where the Nothing Phone 1 fits.

What’s so interesting about Phone 1 ?

Image – Nothing event

I wasn’t previously, but the Nothing Phone 1 has piqued my interest. Whereas many phones, such as the iPhone 13  and Samsung Galaxy S22 , have become fairly iterative, the Nothing Phone 1 has the potential to shake things up.

Nothing, ideally, should follow the old OnePlus model of producing one or two really good phones per year with near-flagship specs but far lower prices. OnePlus used to do this, but it appears to have lost its way with the OnePlus 8 Pro and OnePlus 9 Pro , both flagship-grade phones with large price tags. The next OnePlus 10 Pro  does not appear to deviate from this trend.

OnePlus still produces inexpensive phones, like as the OnePlus Nord CE 2, but they are no longer flagship-killers. So Nothing has the potential to fill the void that OnePlus appears to have left.


Nothing phone 1
Image – Nothing event

While nothing is known about the phone’s hardware and outside appearance (1), it would not be surprising if the smartphone incorporated parts of Nothing’s characteristic, transparent design language. Last year’s ear (1) drew news for its see-through coating, which revealed views of the earbuds’ wiring and engineering complexity. We anticipate nothing less from the company’s first smartphone in terms of industrial design.

What are your initial thoughts on the Nothing Phone 1?

Before the final launch of the Nothing Phone 1, we’ll also get a chance to try Nothing OS. The Nothing OS launcher will be released in April, according to the company. We’ll provide all of the specifics as soon as we obtain them.

In the meantime, what are your thoughts on the Nothing Phone 1? Fill out the poll above and let us know what you think in the comments!

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