July 2, 2022

hey, what’s going on everyone akash here I thought it would be a good idea to do a deep dive into the iPhone 13 and go over everything we know because like it or not.

we are just a little over one month away from this phone coming in and making all of our iPhone 12s obsolete just like using your own personal banking information and debit card number online should be obsolete.

lineup of iPhone 13 models

all right first let’s talk about the lineup because we are expecting just as big of an iPhone lineup as last year with apple releasing four separate iPhone models their biggest and most diverse lineup yet.

render images of iphone 13

and that will carry over to the iPhone 13 so there’s still going to be an iPhone 13 mini a regular-sized iPhone 13 and then two pro models the same size as the regular iPhone 13 so a 6.1-inch display.

camera bump

and then the big iPhone 13 pro max with a 6.7-inch display so even though we’re confident that there’s gonna be four different iPhone models. one thing we really aren’t exactly sure of right now is

what are the differences going to be between these models specifically between the regular iPhone 13 models and the iPhone 13 Pro models?

however based on what we already know about the iPhone 12 models we can make some pretty educated guesses here with the iPhone 13 models.

everything apple iphone 13

one of them being that the regular iPhone 13 will be made of aluminum and glass with the back glass having a glossy finish while the iPhone 13 Pro models will have a more premium finish with stainless steel.

instead of aluminum, the back glass will have a more matte finish we should also expect some new colors to show off that glass back with the regular iPhone 13 probably getting a whole new shade of different colors for this year’s lineup.

images by apple

and the iPhone 13 pro kind of sticking with its more muted pro colors, but it could also be getting some new colors, including a new deep black color and possibly a new bronze orange-like color.

iPhone 13 the cameras will also be different

the cameras will also be different with apple likely just keeping two cameras on the regular iPhone 13 models with a wide-angle and ultra-wide-angle camera.

however the camera arrangement is actually supposed to change this year with the iPhone 13 having a diagonal cam replacement rather than a vertical one.

diagonal camera on iphone 13

the iPhone 13 pro camera arrangement will be unchanged it will still feature three different lenses a wide-angle and ultra-wide-angle and a telephoto lens.

now one thing that could change this year is that the smaller pro model will get the same camera module as the 13 pro max.

which would mean it would be getting features like the 2.5 times zoom which just slightly extended the zoom range on the iPhone 12 pro max thanks to its 65-millimeter focal length.

camera of iphone 13 pro

it will also include the wide lens with sensor-shift stabilization as well as a bigger overall sensor for better low light photos

again the current rumors seem to indicate that we are expecting that for both pro models this year the pro models might also have an upgraded ultra-wide-angle camera.

it might go from an f 2.4 aperture to an f 1.8 aperture with autofocus and a six-element lens as opposed to a five-element lens,

of course, like almost any iPhone release. nowadays there should just be some general camera improvements overall to both the regular and the pro models.

camera features of iphone 13

we could even see some improvements in apple’s computational photography thanks to the a15 chip

this could include the new rumored astrophotography mode for better pictures of the night sky as well as maybe some exclusive video modes coming to the pro models with the lidar scanner.

some of those rumors are saying that Apple is trying to make a portrait video mode that would blur out the background in videos just like it does with portrait mode in still photos.

both iPhone models right now are rumored to have a different front design this year.

that would include a smaller size notch with the earpiece being moved upwards into the phone’s frame and the notch only being made up of the sensors that are required for face id.

so if you look at the current iPhone 12 model, remove that earpiece and you can get a good idea of how small this notch is going to be on the new iPhone 13.

as for the display, we have heard a lot of supply chain reports and rumors saying that Apple will indeed be using panels from Samsung for at least some of the iPhone 13 models these ltpo displays would enable a big requested feature a faster 120hz display.

120 hz refresh rate

that would double the iPhone screen refresh rate and make everything you do on your device look smoother

like scrolling app animations and possibly even smoother gameplay with games that can go above 60 frames per second.

another side feature because of the ltpo display is that apple can now lower the refresh rate all the way down to one hertz which is the technique

they use on the apple watch to give it an always-on display and they could also be using this same technique for the iPhone 13 models with that ltpo display

always on display on iphone 13

to show you an always-on display and that could show persistent things on the display like time, date, weather notifications, and so on now the only real question regarding these faster refresh rate ltpo displays is.

if apple will be putting them into all of the iPhone 13 models or if they will reserve the faster refresh rate for the more expensive pro models

I think most of the rumors right now point to this being an exclusive feature on the pro-iPhone 13 models at least for this year.

it makes sense especially if apple chooses to use the same branding that they have for the faster refresh rate displays that are already on the iPad pro they call them a pro motion display

so it would make sense to have that faster 120-hertz refresh rate uh make its way to the iPhone 13 pro first and then you know the consumer level products like the regular iPhone 13.

difference between iphone 13 and 13 pro refresh rate

you know tablets like the iPad air would have the standard 60-hertz display so if apple is going to be consistent with that branding in all likelihood the 120 hertz

you know promotion display is going to be exclusive to the pro models now another addition for this year’s iPhone 13 is going to supposedly be larger batteries in every model

I think this will make the biggest difference in the mini model where battery life was always just a little bit too weak.

big battery

so even if apple can help seek out an extra hour of battery life capacity uh maybe due to the increased battery size.

then maybe some efficiency gains through the a15 chip I think that would be enough for the small but mighty iPhone 13 mini and you know I think that would solve most of my battery life complaints with that model.

but then it’s just icing on top for all the other iPhone models out there uh especially the pro max which you know the 12 pro max already has a great battery life

bigger battery on iphone 13

but adding even more on top of that no one’s gonna complain about that speaking of that a15 chip this is another upgrade that is pretty much a given on the iPhone 13

and should feature faster performance with probably a 15% to 20% performance increase.

but it will also like I mentioned before in the camera section power new areas like better computational photography and increased artificial intelligence features speaking of intelligent features well there’s nothing more intelligent than making sure your privacy is protected.

now there are a few more things I wanted to touch on before we end this post and namely,

we talked about a lot of what we should expect but there are also a few things we shouldn’t expect for this year’s
iPhone 13 model.

few things we shouldn’t expect for this year’s iPhone 13 model

what’s not to be expected can be just as important now the first one breaks my heart because for so long I have been talking about this feature and to be fair it was in the rumors and leaks for like the past seven months is that touch id would be returning to the iPhone 13 and be implemented under the display.

touch id in iphone 13

well unfortunately we are now hearing conflicting reports from mark german just a month out from when the iPhone 13 uh would be launching.

it looks like touch id will not be returning under the display or even in the power button for whatever reason apple apparently decided not to include the dual authentication methods on this year’s iPhone 13.

i think a lot of people are really going to be upset with this last-minute change.

another thing this iPhone 13 won’t have and this really shouldn’t surprise any of you but people like to bring it up every year is a USB c port

usb c port not coming in iphone 13

like every year it seems there’s at least one person talking about the idea of Apple getting rid of the lightning port and bringing over USB-c but that’s just a lot of wishful thinking.

for this year’s iPhone 13 lineup it is still going to have a lightning port and currently, there are no rumors or leaks or I guess even plans to bring over USB-c to the iPhone with most leaks and rumors saying that Apple is actually looking to get rid of ports entirely and introduce a portless iPhone.

portless iphone charging

and you might have heard about that because early rumors also indicated that 2021 might be the first year for a true portless iPhone model.

although that was rumored that is something that is not expected to ship on any of the iPhone 13 models so we still have at least another year with the trusty old reliable lightning port.

okay as for when you can get the iPhone 13 well if you’ve been paying attention all eyes are on apple’s usual September event where we should see all iPhone 13 models shown off this year.

iphone 13 models

and we shouldn’t see a staggered release like we encountered last year with the iPhone 12 where the mini and pro max shipped later than the two 6.1 inch models and they shipped all the way in November.

so in September, you should be able to pre-order any four sizes of the new iPhone model and as for the price well, there are no rumors you know indicating any sort of price changes.

so I think the iPhone 13 mini will still start at 699$ the iPhone 13 at 799$ the iPhone 13 pro at 999$ and the iPhone 13 pro max at 1099$ but all right everyone so far that is a preview of the iPhone 13 and everything that I know about it so far.


overall while I think most people are going to call this your style upgrade uh going through the list of upgrades like a faster refresh rate display uh maybe an always-on display.

some camera improvements and features bigger batteries and a smaller notch

I think people are actually going to be surprised with how many small improvements add up to a much better product than they were expecting similar to how a lot of those small changes made the iPhone 7 a pretty standout phone in apple’s lineup.

apple iphone 13 varients

but let me know in the comments below do you think the rumored iPhone 13 features are exciting.

what feature are you most excited about and what do you think your biggest disappointment is going to be when apple finally announces these things.

and let me know do you plan on upgrading this year to an iPhone 13 or are you waiting for an iPhone 14. as always if you like the post be sure to leave me a like if you want to see more from the techyakash make sure you’re subscribed
and as always thank you so much for reading and I will see you all in the next post.

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