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  • The phone is going to  break tradition by offering us the first ever dual color changing smartphone
  • Infinix Concept phone 2021 comes with 160 watt  ultra flash charge .
  • The smartphone features a never-seen-before design with a large camera sensor.

Infinix has announced its Concept Phone 2021 This phone as the name suggests is still at the concept stage, so it’s not even officially been named yet. The infinix phone is going to break tradition by offering us the first-ever dual color-changing smartphone with impressive 160-watt fast charging. Just them two features alone are pretty game-changing but i wonder what else this phone has to offer. So we’re just going to check this phone out together I’ve not even opened the box yet concept phone 2021 and you’ve got this big bold text saying now and you can see it on the front of the box as well nothing in there of course.

infinix concept phone 2021

infinix concept phone specifications

here is the phone itself wow it’s got a bit of thickness to it but the design  is a very interesting design I’m going to place it to the side for now and we  see what else we get inside the box whoa check it out guys 160-watt ultra flash charge is what they call it and you have all the protections in place because 160-watt fast charging is a pretty high current so you’ve got a supercharged pump which helps to avoid overloading and overheating you  have intelligent temperature control which keeps the smartphone under 40 degrees and this 160-watt ultra flash charge

means you can charge your phone up from zero to 100 in just 10 minutes so yeah i  am going to be testing out this technology to see how well it works we are also getting in the box  usb-c to usb-c charging cable so quick look at the phone itself now very very nice build quality i  have to say you’ve got the now logo printed on the back and a small infinix on the corner interesting  camera bump design triple cameras on the back so we’re looking at a 64 megapixel primary  8 megapixel ultra wide and you also have an 8 megapixel periscope telephoto lens which can achieve up to 60 times digital zoom and on the front we’re looking at a 32 megapixel camera  and you can see that’s a hole punch design in the corner now the phone itself is actually 9.7  millimeters in thickness and it weighs around 205 grams in my hands the design and shape  the design and shape is reminding me a lot of the samsung galaxy ultra so it does feel very premium  in the hands so an absolute gorgeous display 6.67 inch amoled it’s full hd plus resolution and you  can see how beautifully the screen curves to the corners giving you a complete full-screen display  with very minimal bezels now this smartphone is actually powered by a MediaTek processor that’s the helio g95 octa-core and it’s clocked at 2.0 gigahertz you’ve also got eight gigs of  ram and 128 gigs of internal storage and there is no internal micro-sd card slot

Infinix concept phone 2021

but I’ll quickly  show you all the ports so at the bottom you can see we have a single speaker USB c port  microphone on the side and over here you have your sim tray quickly want to show you  that sim tray it is a dual 4g nano-sim tray 
you’ve got a volume rocker and power button on the top of the phone you have your single microphone and nothing on this site so this, the phone is running android version 11 with xos 7.6.0 on top now this phone will support wi-fi six you will have dual sim 4g capabilities an in-display fingerprint sensor and face unlock so you’ve got built-in four thousand milliamp-hour battery and 160 watts fast charger to go with it zero to 100 in  10 minutes is ridiculous and we’re gonna have to test that claim out but that’s not all people this also has 50 watts wireless charging for the first time ever we have a dual color changing smartphone so infinix is using an interesting photochromic technology that creates a dual-color changing back cover so it can interchange between two colors so silver and blue and it really works.

when you get  an incoming call or when you plug in the charger so quickly show you that in action plug in the  charger you can see that the color has starting to shift to blue color and you can also see the  green part light up in the center so you know it’s charging so this technology has been developed by infinix themselves to suit mobile phones as you can see it’s quite an incredible effect now the os is quite snappy in operation and you have a whole bunch of customization options you  can do from wallpapers widgets you’ve got themes as well and you’ve got lots of wallpapers you can download now infinix does include some of their own apps quite simple to uninstall those if  you’re not going to be using them there is also a the smart launcher on the side which you can bring up  from either side of the screen and now the os does seem to have various customization options you’ve  got social turbo game mode smart panels bookmarks you’ve got actions and gestures and you can see  there are quite a few gestures you can turn on and off you’ve got video assistant x clone so you can  activate dual app dual accounts and so on so forth 

let’s look at the camera of the infinix concept phone 2021

while we’re here we’re going to a quick look at  the camera app so you only have three main options at the bottom so video ai cam and beauty if we go  to AI camera you’ve got options at the top for hdr you can change the aspect ratio and you can turn  flash on and off you’ve also got settings so you can play around with some of those options there  so, of course, this is not the finished product this is a concept model I have here this is a prototype if you will and it’s not got

all the features you’re going to have a periscope telephoto lens which will achieve a 60 times digital zoom and I’m just going to go straight into 48-megapixel mode and take a shot all right here we go taking a shot 48-megapixel mode and our result right there not bad at all so maximum resolution supported you can see there it says  4k at 30 frames

per second so I’m just gonna shoot a little bit of video in a standard mode so shooting 4k at 30 frames per second with the new infinix concept phone 2021 saving let’s quickly watch that standard mode so shooting 4k at 30 frames per second with the new infinix concept phone 2021.

Let’s talk about the infinix concept phone 2021 performance and battery

so that was a very quick call of duty mobile gaming test so i played with frame rate and graphics set to very high and the gameplay was actually pretty enjoyable without any frame drops  or lag so you can expect a decent performance from that helio g95 so the phone’s battery is  completely dead now i just went crazy on cod mobile until the battery died because i’m really  eager to test out the 160 watt fast charging all right here we go fast charging test infinix  concept phone 2021 .

image – TalkAndroid

so I plugged in the 160-watt fast charger start the timer here we go right reaching the six-minute mark .let’s see what percentage we’re on so it looks like the battery is on 48 it’s just jumped up to 49 that is incredibly fast charging technology six minutes to get to 50 basically all right so we’ve just reached the 10-minute mark battery percentage is now on 79 let’s see how long it takes to get to 100, 13 minutes 98%, 99% we need one more percentage 100 so it took just under 13 minutes and 30 seconds to get that battery from zero to 100 so extremely fast charging and here is a quick temperature check straight after that test and you can see the temperature is no higher than  44 degrees celsius so very impressive ultra flash charging technology so there you have it guys that were infinix brand new concept phone for 2021.

I did quite enjoy playing around with the prototype but I can’t wait to get my hands on the final product to test out some of those exciting features that we couldn’t test in the prototype but as it stands beautiful phone beautiful display loving the new fresh ideas that this phone brings and you definitely can’t argue with the 160-watt ultra flash charging I guess it means good things are coming in the smartphone world.
and infinix is one of the first to bring us this super-fast technology along with the color-changing back so definitely more content on infinix coming up on the website in the near future so do make sure you are subscribed and hit that bell notification so you can see that post as soon as I drop it.

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thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you all in the next one.
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