May 16, 2022
Google pixel 6a leaks and render

Photos of a claimed Google Pixel 6a dummy unit have shown off how the next budget Google phone could ape the design of the Pixel 6. the Pixel 6 series represented such a significant move for Google, it wouldn’t have been shocking if the firm decided to change its naming convention. However, this was not the case. As a result, we have every reason to expect that the Google Pixel 6a will be the company’s next A-series smartphone. Google, on the other hand, has not confirmed this.
We are very positive about the title, but we are less certain of when the film will be released.

The Google Pixel 5a was released in August of 2021, over ten months after the Google Pixel 5. This was a significant delay compared to our expectations. We anticipated that the delay of the Pixel 4a (which was also delayed to August as a result of COVID-19) would have no effect on the Pixel 5a, but it appears that this was not the case. As a result, according to one notion, the Google Pixel 6a might ship as early as August 2022.

The phone’s designs and specifications, on the other hand, have previously been leaked. This strongly suggests that the Pixel 6a will be released before the end of August. It’s probable that the Pixel 3a, the first A-series phone, will be released in May 2022, which was the initial launch date for the Pixel 3. Considerably then, though, the stolen material we have so far indicates that the launch will take place even sooner than that.

As of right now, the best course of action is to plan for an August 2022 release date for the Pixel 6a and hope that it comes sooner rather than later.

Pixel 6a technical specifications and characteristics

It hasn’t been long since the announcement of the Google Pixel 6 series, and we have already started to discover leaks pertaining to the lower-priced Google Pixel 6a. Most recently, the most recent leak revealed what appears to be a mockup of the rumored Google Pixel 6a smartphone. Tipster David Kowalski (@xleaks7) shared the information in collaboration with Fathom Bracelets, a company that sells bracelets for males.
It is revealed in the leaked aluminum dummy device that the Pixel 6a’s complete schematics are included. The gadget has a horizontal rear camera module that spans the entire width of the device when it is first introduced. In addition, there is a Google logo on the back panel of this gadget. It has a punch-hole camera in the center of the front panel, as well as a fingerprint scanner beneath the display. The device’s USB Type-C port and two speaker grilles are located on the device’s bottom.

google pixel 6a leaks and render
google pixel 6a leaks

The design of the leaked dummy unit is consistent with the other renders that were made public before. It appears that the Pixel mid-range device will have a new design if the rumors are correct. To refresh your memory, the last two midrange Pixels, the Pixel 4a and the Pixel 5a, were both packaged in a similar-looking package. As a result, it will be nice to see the Pixel 6a in a different skin.

Interestingly enough, the Pixel 6a is expected to have an under-display for authentication purposes. It is possible that there is anything to be claimed based on the freshly disclosed dummy, which also points towards its inclusion. In this regard, it is worth noting that none of the midrange Pixel devices (the Pixel 3a, Pixel 4a, and Pixel 5a) has an in-display fingerprint scanner.

design and leaks

There have been reports that the Pixel 6a will have a smaller design than the Pixel 6. If you’re looking for a comparison, the Pixel 6’s dimensions are 152.6 by 74.8 by 8.9 millimeters, whilst the speculated Pixel 6a’s dimensions are 152.2 by 71.8 millimeters and 8.7 millimeters, respectively.

Aside from that, the Pixel 6a is believed to come with a 6.2-inch OLED display, as opposed to the 6.4-inch and 6.7-inch displays found on the Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, respectively.
Modifications to the interior design are likely to occur in the same way that changes have occurred to the outward design. 9to5 In a recent report, Google stated that the Google Pixel 6a would be equipped with the same unique Tensor processor that powers the Pixel 6 series.

According to reports, Google intends to include Tensor-enabled capabilities on this gadget as well. It is possible that the Pixel 6a may feature improved Voice Typing, HDRnet video, and Live Translate for talks.

According to the same claim, the Google Pixel 6a is codenamed “Bluejay.” It goes on to say that the Pixel 6a would be equipped with the same 12.2MP Sony IMX363 sensor that was previously used in the Pixel 5, Pixel 4a, and Pixel 4. In addition to the primary sensor, a 12-megapixel Sony IMX355 ultra-wide lens will be used. On the other hand, it may have an 8-megapixel camera on the front for taking selfies.

Google has shifted its focus to only producing 5G midrange Pixels. While the current-generation Pixel 5a has a single 5G variation, the previous-generation Pixel 4a had two models, one of which was the regular 4G Pixel 4a and the other of which was the higher-end Pixel 4a 5G. As a result, the Pixel 6a is likely to be available solely in a 5G configuration.


The Google Pixel 6a is available in India for a price of Rs (expected)

It’s too soon to speculate on the price of the Pixel 6a at this time. If the rumored alterations are confirmed, Google may be able to raise the price of the future model. To refresh your memory, the Pixel 5a 5G launched at the same price as the Pixel 4a 5G, which was $450. (Rs 33,000). The Pixel 6a, on the other hand, starts at a competitive $599 (approximately Rs 44,600), leading us to believe that the pricing of the Pixel 6a will remain under $500. (roughly Rs 37,200).

When will the Google Pixel 6a be available for purchase?

There has been no formal announcement from Google announcing the Pixel 6a or anything else related to it as of yet. As a result, in order to determine when we might expect to see the new model come, we’ll need to look through the archives to discover when previous models were released.
Google Pixel 5a is scheduled to launch in August 2021. (but only in North America and Japan)
Google Pixel 4a is scheduled to launch in August 2020.
Google Pixel 3a is scheduled to launch in May 2019.

Based on this lineup, it would be reasonable to anticipate the Pixel 6a to make its debut in August 2022, as previously said.

There is, however, one limitation to this. Because of its restricted availability in different areas throughout the world, the Pixel 5a was never available in the United Kingdom, Europe, or most other markets. In other words, the final Pixel ‘A’ series Google made available to the general public would have been in August of 2020. Will Google want to force consumers to wait two years before allowing them to upgrade, or will it want to deliver the 6a sooner rather than later?

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