May 16, 2022
Best camera phones you can buy in 2022
We've picked up the best camera phones now available, whether you're searching for a high-end camera phone or just an everyday smartphone

The Best camera phones combine the pinnacle of image technology with razor-sharp screens and lightning-fast internet access to create a fascinating combo. In reality, some smartphones can take better pictures than the ‘serious’ camera you might be tempted to buy.

As camera phone technology advances, keeping up with the latest devices available may seem difficult. To assist you in finding the finest camera phone for you, we’ve compiled a list of the most recent models in a variety of price ranges.

Technology for camera phones boils down to one fundamental concept: pure and simple ease. Not only will the best camera phones have powerful imaging sensors (the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, for example, has a 108MP sensor, which is higher than most of the best pro cameras), but they’ll also have incredible algorithmic photography features that process your images in milliseconds and improve aspects like sharpness, white balance, and more.

While the greatest camera phones may not yet be able to compete with the top DSLRs or mirrorless cameras in terms of image quality, they do outperform traditional cameras in terms of size. Even the greatest tiny cameras may take up a lot of space in your pocket (if they fit at all! ), but fold phones like the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip and Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 are astonishingly small.

We’ve picked up the best camera phones now available, whether you’re searching for a high-end camera phone that will help you record excellent social media material or just an everyday smartphone that will take stunning family photographs…

The best camera phones you can buy today

1. Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

Samsung’s best camera phone


Release date: February 2022

Rear cameras: 108MP f/1.8, 10MP f/2.4, 10MP f/4.9, 12MP f/2.2 ultrawide

Front camera: 40MP

OIS: Yes

Weight: 228 g

Dimensions: 163.3 x 77.9 x 8.9 mm

Storage: 128GB/256GB/1TB


+Excellent dual telephoto lenses

+Improved low-light photography

+Big, bright display


-Battery life takes a step back


The four-camera system on the Samsung Galaxy flagship is excellent, with wide, ultra-wide, telephoto, and super-zoom sensors. The first has a 108-megapixel sensor, an f/1.8 aperture, Dual Pixel AF, and an 85-degree field of vision. The 12MP ultra-wide camera has a 120-degree field of view and an f/2.2 aperture. There’s also a 10MP telephoto with a three-fold zoom (f/2.4), as well as a 10MP telephoto with a ten-fold zoom (f/4.9). Not to mention the selfie camera, which has a 40MP resolution, f/2.2 aperture, and can take 8K video at 24fps.

This is a huge, attractive, and powerful smartphone in general. With smooth motion, vibrant colours, remarkable brightness, and 500 pixels per inch resolution, the 6.8-inch AMOLED screen is to die for.

The S Pen pen is fantastic, and it allows you to have the type of productivity that you could only get with a Galaxy Note before. The phone has a large 5,000 mAh battery that will keep it operating for hours, and the design and appearance are simple yet appealing in our opinion.

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2. iPhone 13 Pro Max

The best camera phone you can buy


Release date: October 2021

Rear cameras: 12MP 13mm f/1.8 Ultra Wide, 12MP 26mm f/1.5 Wide, 12MP 77mm f/2.8 telephoto

Front camera: 12MP f/2.2 TrueDepth

OIS: Yes

Weight: 240g

Dimensions: 160.8 x 78.1 x 7.65mm

Storage: 128 / 256 / 512GB / 1TB


+Best-in-class cameras

+Excellent battery life

+Immersive 6.7-inch display


-Charger sold separately

-A bit heavy and bulky

The iPhone 13  is not only the largest but also the greatest camera phone available. Apple went all out with the hardware in the iPhone 13 Pro Max , increasing the sensor size for both the primary and ultrawide cameras and adding autofocus to the latter. That ultrawide may also be used as a macro camera, capturing things as close as 2 cm distant. The sensor-shift OIS that debuted on the iPhone 12 Pro Max last year is back this year, and the telephoto has been increased to 3x.

Apple has enhanced its computational photography, particularly in low-light situations. Photographic Styles, which are essentially real-time filters, and Cinematic mode are also new this year. The latter is portrait video taken to the next level, with dynamically shifting focus for a genuinely professional video experience.

This is the phone to get if you want the best camera experience.

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3. Google Pixel 6 Pro

The best Android camera phone you can buy


Release date: October 2021

Rear cameras: 50MP f/1.9, 12MP f/2.2 ultrawide, 48MP f/3.5 telephoto

Front camera: 11.1MP

OIS: Yes

Weight: 210g

Dimensions: 163.9 x 75.9 x 8.9mm

Storage: 128GB/256GB/512GB




+Incredible cameras

+Tensor performs well

+Beautiful new design

+More affordable than other flagships


-Shorter battery life than competitors

Google has reestablished its hold on the Android photography crown. Thanks to enhanced hardware and sophisticated software, the Pixel 6 Pro features excellent cameras. The ultimate result is something that can stand up against Apple and even trade punches evenly (especially with the night mode, Night Sight).

The 50MP primary camera sensor allows 150 percent more light in, while the 48MP telephoto lens offers 4x optical and 20x digital zoom. For ultrawide selfies, the 11MP front-facing camera provides a 94-degree field of vision.

Not only does the Pixel 6 Pro have the finest cameras on an Android phone, but it also has the new Tensor processor, which is ideal for computational photography and new Google Assistant functions. If you’re an Android user looking for the ultimate mobile photography experience, this is the phone to purchase.

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4. Apple iPhone 13 Pro

More evolution than revolution, but still the best iPhone ever


Release date: September 2021

Rear cameras: 12MP f/1.5, 12MP f/1.8 ultrawide, 12MP f/2.8 telephoto

Front camera: 12MP

OIS: Yes

Weight: 204g

Dimensions: 146.7 x 71.5 x 7.7mm

Storage: 128GB/256GB/512GB/1TB



View at Apple India

View at Croma [CPS] IN


+Extensively upgraded cameras

+120Hz screen refresh rate


-Still ‘only’ 3x optical zoom

Though the iPhone 13 Pro’s camera enhancements aren’t as significant as the iPhone 12 Pro’s, there are still certain improvements worth noting. A valuable new macro option has been added, as well as improved low-light shooting with the ultra-wide camera. New image styles are worth trying out, and the Cinematic video mode is a handy option to have if you’re an aspiring filmmaker.

In terms of camera hardware, the iPhone 13 Pro features a triple lens setup, with a regular, ultra wide, and telephoto lens. The 26mm (equivalent) normal lens and the 13mm (0.5x) ultra-wide optic have the same focal lengths, while the telephoto lens has been increased to a 3x (78mm) offering.

Overall, the iPhone 13 Pro is without a doubt the finest iPhone for photographers to date (just what we’d anticipate) and provides incredible image and video quality, but it’s not for people on a tight budget, especially if you already own a 12 Pro that’s almost as excellent.

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5. Oppo Find X5 Pro

A camera powerhouse but…

Oppo fine x5 pro - best camera phone


Release date: March 2022

Weight: 218g

Dimensions: 163.7 x 73.9 x 8.8mm

OS: Android 12

Screen size: 6.7-inch

Resolution: 1440 x 3216

CPU: Snapdragon 8 Gen 1

RAM: 8/12GB

Storage: 256/512GB

Battery: 5,000mAh

Rear camera: 50MP (wide) + 13MP (telephoto, 2x optical) + 50MP (ultrawide, 110-degree)

Front camera: 32MP (wide)




+Great main camera

+Super-fast charging


-Weak zoom camera

-Buggy software

The Oppo Find X5 Pro’s camera is both one of its strong suits and one of its poor fits, depending on which lens you use.

The primary 50MP f/1.7 camera, as well as the 50MP f/2.2 ultra-wide camera, are both excellent. Both cameras are capable of shooting photos that are bright, detailed, and colourful. When you move to the 13MP f/2.4 telephoto camera, things start to fall apart, as its 2x optical zoom is dwarfed by most competitors.

Still, if you’re not too concerned about zoom images, the Oppo Find X5 Pro  comes highly recommended for photo enthusiasts, thanks to its MariSilicon X neural processing technology and the company’s relationship with Hasselblad.

This cooperation adds new features to Pro photography mode, as well as a dedicated XPan mode that recreates the feel of using Hasselblad’s iconic classic camera.

There’s also a powerful 32 MP selfie camera on the front, which can capture video with superb stabilization at 1080p or without it at 4K.

Overall, this isn’t the most complete or adaptable camera system you’ll find on a phone, but the Oppo Find X5 Pro  does an excellent job with most photo genres and even video. Oppo will need a stronger zoom solution in the future if it wants to compete with Samsung or Apple for those top rankings.

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6. Google Pixel 6

A great camera experience for less

Google pixel.6 - best camera phones


Display: 6.4-inch OLED (2400 x 1080; 90Hz)

CPU: Google Tensor


Storage / Expandable: 128GB, 256GB / No 

Rear cameras: 50MP main (ƒ/1.85), 12MP ultrawide (ƒ/2.2) 

Front camera: 8MP (ƒ/2.0) 

Weight: 7.3 ounces

Battery life (Hrs:Mins): 8:13


View at Amazon


+Tensor chip adds smarts to the phone

+Excellent photo-editing features

+Android 12 is a welcome update


-Battery life can be short over 5G

-Some color issues with photo

While the Google Pixel 6 lacks a telephoto lens, it is still a capable photography phone. In a little smaller body, you get the same 50MP primary and 12MP ultrawide sensors. Even though we detected minor colour irregularities in several images, they came out clear and sharp.

For most Android users, the Pixel 6 is still the greatest photography phone. Landscapes, portraits, and selfies will be spectacular. You have a lot of options with all of the new AI-based photographic capabilities like Magic Eraser.

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7. OnePlus 10 Pro

A mixed bag that can be great

Oneplus 10 pro - best camera phone


Release date: March 2022

Weight: 201g 

Dimensions: 163 x 73.9 x 8.6mm

OS: Android 12

Screen size: 6.7-inch

Resolution: 1440 x 3216

CPU: Snapdragon 8 Gen 1

RAM: 8/12GB

Storage: 128/256/512GB

Battery: 5,000mAh

Rear camera: 48MP (wide) + 50MP (ultrawide, 150-degree) + 8MP (telephoto, 3.3x optical)

Front camera: 32MP (wide)




+Fantastic screen

+Super-fast charging


-Some camera modes have issues

-Very big

In terms of camera performance, OnePlus phones are a mixed bag: the devices can have some rough edges when it comes to shooting, but it’s impossible to argue that when they work, they work pretty well.

The 48 MP primary camera is excellent, especially in bright light, but it also performs well in low light. We thought the photos were excellent, whether they were close-ups or epic panoramas.

The ultrawide camera is also handy, though you won’t get the full 50MP – the lens is technically a super-wide one for fisheye images, but it’s cropped quite a little if you want conventional ultrawide snaps.

With a range of 3.3x optical zoom, the OnePlus outperforms other phones on our list from Oppo and Xiaomi.

When given the chance, we discovered that the OnePlus 10 Pro  could shoot Portrait photos that would give a Samsung phone a run for its money – but that they occasionally had slight bokeh faults as well.

Although video recording may go up to 8K, you’ll need to stick to 1080p for the AI and stabilization functions. Fisheye, tilt-shift, XPan (described above in the Oppo section) and other modes are available.

The cameras on the OnePlus 10 Pro  were okay but not exceptional; yet, our list is for the best camera phones, and we included this item as a terrific phone with a reasonable camera. So, if you’re searching for a gadget that not only has a strong camera but also excels in other areas, this is a wonderful option.

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Lightning-fast charging meets refined style in the Xiaomi 12 Pro

Xiaomi 12 pro - best camera phone


Release date: April 2022

Weight: 204g

Dimensions: 163.6 x 74.6 x 8.2mm

OS: Android 12

Screen size: 6.73-inch

Resolution: 1440 x 3200

CPU: Snapdragon 8 Gen 1

RAM: 8/12GB

Storage: 128/256GB

Battery: 4,600mAh

Rear camera: 50MP (wide) + 50MP (telephoto, 2x optical) + 50MP (ultrawide, 115-degree)

Front camera: 32MP (wide)




+Brilliant screen quality

+Incredibly fast wired charging


-Limited optical zoom

-No official IP rating

The Xiaomi 12 Pro boasts an easy-to-remember camera configuration, with three 50MP sensors on the back. There’s a primary lens with an aperture of f/1.9, an ultra-wide lens with an aperture of f/2.2, and a telephoto lens with an aperture of f/1.9 (offering 2x optical zoom).

The first two, particularly the primary snapper, stand out. This camera utilises a 1/1.28-inch Sony IMX707 sensor, which is bigger than most top-end smartphone cameras and produces exquisite images with depth, clarity, outstanding sharpness, and realistic colours.

The ultra-wide snapper has a smaller sensor, but it still has a 115-degree field of view and can record realistic colour. Finally, while the 2x optical zoom camera is adequate for that range, it falls short of the optical reach of several other phones. Optical zoom can compensate for this.

Still, video capture is great (as long as the lighting is acceptable), and stabilization is outstanding even at 8K resolution, so the Xiaomi 12 Pro impresses for most photo kinds and video shooting.

Xiaomi also has a variety of photo and video settings that will appeal to those seeking an easy way to get started with social media. Its Sky editing modes, Clone photo or video, and Dolly Zoom video capabilities will all allow you to capture unique photos or videos that you won’t find in other competitors.

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9. Sony Xperia 1 III

A photographer’s dream

best camera phones - sony xperia 1 iii


Release date: August 2021

Rear camera: 12MP (24mm f/1.7) + 12MP (70mm f/2.3, 105mm f/2.8) + 12MP (16mm f/2.2)

Front camera: 8MP (f/2)

Rear camera aperture: f/1.7 + f/2.3 + f/2.8 + f/2.2

Dimensions: 165 x 71 x 8.2 mm

Storage: 128GB/256GB




+Excellent pro video features

+Stunning screen

+Plenty of power and storage


-Screen could be brighter


-Weaker zoom than competition

For video pros and cinephiles who want to get manual with their smartphone filming, the Sony Xperia 1 III is the only option. It can shoot footage in up to 21:9 aspect ratio for cinematic capture, has full manual control, and a beautiful flat colour profile that’s ideal for post-production in Premiere Pro or Da Vinci Resolve. Thankfully, practically everything else about this phone is fantastic as well, with a stunning 21:9 4K HDR screen, a simple UI, and a powerful CPU under the hood. All of the Alpha components that have found their way into the Xperia camera UI will appeal to Sony photography lovers. If you want the ultimate cinematic experience, both in terms of content development and consumption,

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10. Samsung Galaxy S22

A lower-cost triple-lens mobile

Samsung Galaxy s22 -  best camera phones


Weight: 67g

Dimensions: 146 x 70.6 x 7.6mm

OS: Android 12

Screen size: 6.1-inch

Resolution: 1080 x 2340

CPU: Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 / Exynos 2200

RAM: 8GBStorage: 128/256GB

Battery: 3,700mAh

Rear camera: 50MP (wide) + 10MP (telephoto, 3x optical) + 12MP (ultrawide, 120-degree)

Front camera: 10MP (wide)




+Small build

+Attractive design


-Small screen

-Not a huge upgrade

If you want a Samsung camera phone but don’t think the Ultra is for you, the Galaxy S22  (or Plus, with the same cameras) could be a better option – although the S22 is our preference because it’s smaller and more reasonable.

This phone boasts a strong 50MP primary camera that is fantastic for producing vivid photographs, even in low-light situations, and the software can enhance vibrancy and richness when needed.

If you need to, the ultrawide and telephoto cameras can also assist you capture a broader or closer topic, giving you an extra edge of adaptability to help you catch your subject in the best possible light.

Portrait mode is still wonderful on Samsung phones, and it’s back here, along with other faves like Color Point, Single Take, and Dual Video.

There’s also video recording in 8K or 4K at 60fps, which is a high-end function not found on other phones.

This phone doesn’t compare to the higher-priced competitors on this list, but with a cheaper price tag than others, it may be a better option for many purchasers.

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What are the best camera phones?

The iPhone 13 Pro Max is now the king of camera phones, closely followed by the smaller iPhone 13 Pro. The new Pro versions deserve their titles with amazing photographs and movies, thanks to a triple 12MP configuration with bigger sensors on the wide and ultrawide cameras, as well as 3x optical zoom on the telephoto lens.

If you want to go beyond Apple’s phones, you’ll find that many of the top Android phones have excellent cameras as well. The Google Pixel 6 Pro and its sibling, the Pixel 6, are the new cream of the crop. Samsung’s newer phones, particularly the Galaxy S22 Ultra, come close, particularly in low-light photography and zooming in on things, but Google’s phones remain the best.

The Pixel 6a, one of the best camera phones you can purchase on a budget, is one of Google’s best camera phones. Though we have yet to test Apple’s new phone, we’re curious to see how it compares to the recently revealed iPhone SE (2022). The lack of a Night mode on the iPhone SE, despite a new CPU with higher power, is a source of concern.

To discover more about what’s coming in the remainder of the year, check out our guide to best snapdragon 888 phones in 2022.

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