May 16, 2022
Asus 8z review

The Asus 8z (ZenFone 8) is a mid-range smartphone that takes us back to a simpler period. Is the high price, however, justified?

When we think of Asus smartphones, we think of the cyberpunk-style ROG (Republic of Gamers) gadgets that cemented the Taiwanese company’s reputation as a mobile esports gadget maker. Then there’s the ZenFone line, which is recognised for its everyday usage and appeals to customers who want to do new things with their images while still having a robust device.

The 8z, often known as the ZenFone 8, is the most recent addition to the ZenFone range, having been released on March 1st (it was supposed to launch in May 2021).

Many electronics companies, like Asus, have long employed recycled and recyclable packaging. So, the 8z comes with a power converter and a USB-C charging cable in a grey cardboard case. Obsidian black, horizon silver, and moonlight white are the three colours available, all having a matte finish on the plastic body.

Those who like smaller smartphones may appreciate the Samsung AMOLED display’s 5.9-inch (20:9; 2400 x 1080) resolution. However, because to the Corning Gorilla Glass Victus screen, it is heavier than the normal smartphone at 169 grammes. Despite the fact that it has a bigger back multi-lens camera system, it is not as imbalanced as an Asus ROG, Samsung Galaxy, or iPhone Mini gadget.

Before you start using Android on a daily basis, make sure it’s up to current. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 5G Mobile Platform, as well as Qualcomm Adreno 660, power the 8z.

The brilliant display, which achieves 1100 nits of brightness with a 120Hz framerate – hardly surprising for an Asus tablet – is the first thing you’ll notice. The display supports HDR 10 and HDR10+, making it great for mobile photography, filmmaking, streaming, and gaming. Most mid-range smartphones sacrifice on display quality, but with Victus, Asus has assured that the 8z combines both visual quality and robustness.

A bright blue ‘Smart key’ on the device’s side serves as a power button as well as a shortcut button that can add two configurable functions with a combination of pushes and holds.

The 8z, despite its fast processor and 4000mAh battery, is not as well suited to intense streaming or gaming as a ROG phone. After roughly 20 minutes of gaming, the phone began to heat up significantly. At the very least, Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 5 charging is supported by the smartphone.

Asus 8z review : Dual camera

Image credit – The indian express

On the rear, there’s a 64MP primary camera with a 1/1.17-inch Sony IMX686 sensor with OI and a 12MP secondary camera with a 1/2.25-inch Sony IMX363 sensor with a 113-degree field of view. During my testing, the photographs displayed excellent detail and colour reproduction. Overall, the Asus 8z produced some pleasing results. The camera never overprocesses the image, so photos appear natural. Low-light shots turned out pretty great as well. A built-in optical zoom or telephoto lens, on the other hand, is lacking. The front camera is a Sony IMX663 with a 1/2.93-inch sensor and 12MP resolution. It performs admirably.

Conclusion – should You buy it ?

Really, it’s a complicated question. Without a question, Asus has created a nicely equipped Android smartphone that is smaller than competing phones, though not the finest. Without a doubt, it is the most powerful compact Android smartphone. It fits in the pocket of my slim pants and fits nicely in one hand. The Asus 8z, which costs Rs 42,999, is a pleasant phone to carry around, but its size prevents it from adding a larger battery or more camera lenses. I’m not sure if the Asus 8z can compete with the greatest phones from brands like Apple and Samsung, but I envision a new wave of compact premium phones entering the market with the Asus 8z.

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