May 16, 2022
Apple iPhone 14 series may come in two sizes only iPhone 14 mini cancel
Apple iPhone 14 range's aluminium variants provide a first peek at what the upcoming flagships might look like — without a apple "iPhone 14 mini."

The Apple iPhone 14 range’s aluminium variants provide a first peek at what the upcoming flagships might look like — without a apple “iPhone 14 mini.”

Physical models for Apple’s next smartphone releases begin to surface as reports regarding the company’s forthcoming smartphone releases reach fever pitch. Models for the Apple iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max, for example, suggest that there’s not much more to learn than what’s already been revealed in renders.

The four models, which were posted to Weibo , show the burr marks caused by machining, as well as being labelled to reflect their model and screen size. The standard and Pro versions both have a 6.7-inch screen and a 6.1-inch screen, indicating that the Mini model is no longer available.

The potential variation in camera bump size is another important takeaway from the models. The Pro models feature a considerably more prominent bump than the two-camera variants because they can house three camera lenses.

Physical models, despite appearing to be more spectacular, tend to follow the same specifications as rumours and schematic leaks, making them little different from speculative representations, such as those generated for Techyakash.

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Physical models have the advantage of delivering tactile input due to the fact that they can be held. These goods are frequently developed for accessory manufacturers so that they can more readily test new products like cases ahead of time in order to have products to market when the iPhone is released.

According to current reports, the Pro models’ displays will be redesigned with a pill and hole-punch design, which will create small holes for the camera system to observe the world rather than relying on a notch. The Mini model is projected to be replaced by a larger version, maybe dubbed the “iPhone 14 Max ,” in addition to the aforementioned loss of the Mini variant.

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